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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Overview of current terror film, (2000-2010).

OVERVIEW OF CURRENT TERROR FILM, (2000-2010)Currently, the horror film is pulled in a holding pattern that is not very enlightening about their future expectations. As has happened in other areas, the U.S. has been losing ground in the seventh art in relation to specific countries. Thus, during the last decade, three countries that have surpassed the quality of their proposals, not quality, the Hollywood industry.First was the successful wave of Japanese cinema, which began following the huge success of "The Ring" by Hideo Nakata, (1998), which continued with "The Eye" by the Pang brothers, (2002), "Call loss "of Tkashi Miike (2005), and then some. Gradually, the level of production was falling, but the Japanese were able to demonstrate the lack of creative initiative of producers and American directors, who set out to shamelessly plagiarize any film coming from Japan.Second, to the surprise of friends and strangers, but surprise after all, was our country, Spain, who gathered the evidence from the Japanese when they already started to repeat. The starting point of this new golden age of Spanish fantaterror was the movie "The Others", by Alejandro Amenabar, (2001), which managed to become one of the best Spanish films in history, with critical acclaim and public You will always have detractors who point out that, in practice, is a co-production, as was done with the invaluable assistance of the American company Miramax's Weinstein brothers famous, his artistic team was a foreigner and also has some influence of the famous story "The Turnnut ", the writer Henry James, (which has been adapted several times to the movies). Besides, "The Others" paved the way for other similar and equally successful production, as was "The Orphanage, Juan Antonio Bayona (2007).However, if someone in this country there is to take your hat off Galician entrepreneur Julio Fernandez, who raised in Catalonia, producing and distributing film and that took over his production company Fantastic Factory partner specializing in fantasy and horror films, American director and producer Brian Yuzna, known as the creator, along with Stuart Gordon, the series "Re-animator." From the Fantastic Factory came two directors, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza that together lead, "REC" (2007), a film whose resounding success both mobilized for a second, more dramatic and also broke the box office. This leaflet is poised to become a franchise since Balagueró and Plaza will conduct two parts, though separate. Besides, the two have had a proven track separately with outstanding films. Balagueró began his career with "The Nameless" (1998), continued with the notable "Darkness" (2002), before embarking on the adventure of "REC", filmed also remarkable "Fragile" (2005) For its part, Paco Plaza debut with "The Middle" (2002), but the movie actually was released with "Romasanta: The hunt for the beast" (2004), an approach to myth lycanthropy, the werewolves in the deep rural Galicia.Finally, the third country in these years, has risen above the U.S. is France. Thus, among the Gauls has dawned a director who has become a world reference. His name is Alexandre Aja, and thanks to his chilling debut, with "High Voltage" (2003), I leave impressed horror fans, and this server. His reputation was consolidated with the superb remake of "The Hills Have Eyes" (2006), in Wes Craven filmed in 1977. Another director in the making of the last French film is Christophe Gans, author of "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" (2001), period movie provided a great setting and costumes, and the film adaptation of the videogame "Silent Hill" , (2006), box-office success, but not so critical. Finally, I have to name the movie "They" by David Moreau and Xavier Palaud, (2006), meritorious psychological horror film with a partner and a naughty child protagonists.I must also emphasize two directors of the British Isles: Neil Marshall, director of the fantastic "Dog Soldiers" (2002), "The Descent" (2005), and "Centurion" (2010). And Danny Boyle, director of "28 Days Later" (2003), and producer of "28 Weeks Later" (2007).Therefore, in summary, it is desirable that young American directors stop doing so many remakes of movies that are not yours, as well as sequels, and squeezed his head trying to be more original, as far as the times are those great directors like Tobe Hooper, Wes Craven, George Romero, John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, David Cronenberg, David Lynch or Sam Raimi, triumphed in the world with extraordinary films. And if they can not easily find new stories to film I would advise them, since they have more advanced technical means and avant-garde, will turn into a worthy adaptation of stories by writers like Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Ambrose Bierce, not to mentionmore. All that in one way or another, we have a movie on a pedestal we know perfectly well that this art is now all made up, but there are always little nuances that can make a movie happens to be a lot more than shooting bad, to be a good short, medium or film. And this is what must be considered in the United States in the so-called Mecca of film, to recover the strength and global leadership in film.

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