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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literay writer: The mistery of Ken, by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "The Mystery of Ken, by Nathaniel Hawthorne."
One cold winter night, John Williams decides to visit her friend KENINGALE HAWTHORNE, for a year, due to their reckless traveler and has been touring Europe. John has always found KENINGALE for, apart from an extraordinary artist, as well as a joyful young, educated and intelligent vivant. Was why, before leaving the Old Continent, and on his birthday, John had given him a banjo.However, John is shocked and very concerned about reuniting with his friend, for KENINGALE had become a man sad, gloomy and taciturn. JOHN strove, but could not understand the causes of this unusual transformation, while KENINGALE invited him to enter his home studio.
KENINGALE Good to see you, John. I'm glad to see and to feel tonight.
JOHN (Curious) What is special about tonight, Ken?
Suddenly, JOHN KENINGALE departed, and took over his face an expression of feigned indifference.
KENINGALE Bah, nothing! Actually, no, John! Forget it! Come on, drink some whiskey and Let 's smoke a pipe!Tonight can be happy for me, if they afford it ...
JOHN Come on, Ken! And why not you going to afford!Your house is wonderful and you're with one of your best friends!
KENINGALE snorted and shot, he fell on a soft couch.
KENINGALE (Dubious and absent) Yes, you may be right. But I'm not enough lust for life. Forgotten, perhaps, what night are we? It's Halloween, the night of the dead. You've never been to Ireland, right?
JOHN (Amazing) No, but ,..., What is special about Ireland?
KENINGALE stayed silent, making clear to John that I was too eager to talk. This, in turn, got it immediately and began to walk around the studio, are admired by the three oil paintings that adorn the room. The first was a portrait that was blurred by a dark veil, with a shadow that just kept seeing the sitter's features. In the second box, appeared a face peered out a window, with the moon shining in the sky. Finally, the third picture showed a woman in the fullness of its beauty, dressed in an elegant evening gown and crowned with a diadem. Also, all jewelry adorning her beautiful body, but his face was enigmatic and mocking.
JOHN (Amazed) Where did you meet a woman so beautiful, Ken? I mean the woman in the picture.
KEN, I was musing with his head bowed, reacted to the words of John, and I look to the picture.
KENINGALE I do not want to expose these pictures, John. I do not like, do not like anything. I will destroy them. But it is equally true that paint will not rest until the woman as she deserves only.
JOHN (Surprised) But ... Why, John? Why you want to destroy? I think they are the best I've painted, at least I do.
KENINGALE did not want to talk more about the paintings and was able to divert the conversation, focusing on the liquor they were drinking.
KENINGALE Well, let's talk about it. How about liquor? Which is special?
JOHN Yes, it really is a very good liquor, Ken.
KENINGALE I brought it from Ireland, John.
KENINGALE remain silent again and again concentrated in the tables. He got off the couch and put his face close to her face in the third frame, while another corner lurked JOHN Study.
KENINGALE You know, John? I have often thought, during the nights I've been only since I returned from Europe, that the woman could leave the canvas and sitting in the seats.
JOHN (Confused) But Ken, Did not you say just now that you did not want to talk about it?
KENINGALE (Nervous) Oh, yes, by God! Forgive me, John! I do not know what happens, but I'm a little upset. Will be for drinking, or because at every moment remember that today is the night of the dead. Well, Come, drink! Let's drink and forget the bad omens!
The two went to drink from their cups running, this time with the liquor they contained. Then KENINGALE opened a drawer and taking out a cigar box, he gave one to John, while another pacifier. They sat near the fireplace and KENINGALE John noted that, at last, I was more relaxed and calm. Then, JOHN dared to throw a suggestion.
JOHN Now would be good to some music, Ken. To make the evening more enjoyable. Why not take out the banjo and I regale you touch something?
KENINGALE (Sorry) I can go get it, John. But the trouble is I can not rip music from him.
JOHN (Annoyed) Why? What happened? It will be broken!
KENINGALE (Shadow) No, not broken. But it does not sound as before.And believe me, do not do it again.
KENINGALE headed a cabinet located in a corner of the study and opened it. Then, after unwrapping a yellow silk, came the banjo, which was very dusty. KENINGALE gave it to John who gaped.The banjo had become a rough piece of wood. Its mast was rotten, as the larvae and worms, it had deteriorated. The box did not have the natural color of wood and was off with a green and moldy. Silver pins were rusty and the strings were broken.
JOHN But Ken, is this the banjo I gave you?
KENINGALE Yes, indeed, this is John.
JOHN As it is unrecognizable. What do you do to leave it?
KENINGALE I know nothing, John. Well, yes, what happened to the banjo is inexplicable. As much as you want, I have no rational explanation for its transformation.
JOHN (Eager) Come on, Ken! No matter how crazy it is! Tell me what's happened in Europe with this banjo!
Then he sighed KENINGALE prfundamente, took the whiskey bottle, filled the cup, the vacuum quickly and began his story.
KENINGALE I left New York for the French port of Le Havre.After visiting several countries in Europe, in the fall, came to London. There come a month after moving to Scotland. In early October, take a boat that took me to Dublin. And at the end of the month, I entered the interior of Ireland to County Cork.Was that a region full of contrasts, with beautiful and fascinating scenery, but also with few inhabitants. Finally, I agreed to a humble village, where crumbling farmhouses, the people of Kern.The locals were very hospitable and friendly, but just as superstitious, with a great devotion to its patron, Saint Patrick. Most Irish people are very poor, except the clergy, the aristocracy and the military. I stayed in a hostel in that town and there, having dinner, I met a distinguished Irish military, Lieutenant O'Connor. We eat and drink in abundance and talking about the virtues of our respective countries. Then, to my pleasant surprise, invited me to dinner the next night at his headquarters. The next night was the night of Halloween. So we went back to stay in the hostel room and I take the banjo to delight with music to my hosts.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR KENINGALE and left the hostel, cross the village and left the same transit the local cemetery. A terribly bleak and that, on both sides of the path we walked was full of half broken tombstones.
KENINGALE (Fearful) Well, Lieutenant O'Connor! We could not have avoided the cemetery!
LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR (Carefree) No, Lord Keningale! To reach the headquarters is inevitable walk among the graves. You know, here in Ireland, are immortal mented some ladies of infinite beauty that suddenly emerge from their graves, and that can take any unwary to perdition.
KENINGALE (Uncomfortable) Yes, very interesting, yes sir.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on "A long way later ..."
After walking a long way down a narrow path through a forest, O'CONNOR LT KENINGALE and came to the barracks, which was located in a place that gave him chills KENINGALE. It had been built on the ruins of the castle of Edward, the famous "Black Prince" and dominated the Irish coast, being next to a cliff. O'CONNOR LT hit the doorknob, so that the guard would open.
The Irish garrison barracks that had barely a dozen men, led by a pair of officers. The most attractive of those soldiers were the BIGGEST DOCTOR MALLOY and DUDEN. The MAYOR MALLOY was the commander, prudent and judicious. DOCTOR DUDEN was an intelligent man and leading to a significant number of anecdotes. Also, LT O'Connor was in possession of a wonderful sense of humor. After dinner, Dr. DUDEN narrate the history of Kern County and his wife, Ethelinda Fionguala.
DOCTOR DUDEN I'll tell you the story of the Earl of Kern and his wife, the beautiful Ethelinda Fionguala. I'm sure they'll like. The Count was an ancestor of our valiant Lt. O, Connor. Ethelinda was kidnapped by a gang of vampires. However, the Count discovered them in time, caught up and could make them flee. Took in his arms to his beautiful wife vanished, and returned home. By the way, I tell you, Lord Keningale, it is desirable to know that, to come here, had to visit the famous house of Kern County.It is a house with blackened arches, as has long been declared a fire and was finally abandoned.Stands out above all, for his great jealousy ...
At that time, O'CONNOR LT DUDEN DOCTOR interrupted.
LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR Come on, forget about the house, Doctor Duden!Tell us what happened with Miss Ethelinda! Now that's interesting! In addition, they are my ancestors, as you said!
MAYOR MALLOY Be quiet, Lieutenant O'Connor, be patient. The Doctor thought that the Lord Keningale should know the location of the house.
But O'CONNOR LT, dominated by anxiety, also cut short MAYOR MALLOY intervention.
LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR Come on, Mayor! Let the doctor do with history!Surely the Lord Keningale just want to know how!
O'CONNOR LT KENINGALE saw that he had finished the whiskey.
TENEIENTE O'CONNOR But it can be! May the Lord help us! It should be getting some more whiskey!
KENINGALE For me not to worry, Lieutenant O'Connor. The story is fascinating and final promises to be even more, but it's late and I must return to the hostel early as tomorrow I leave for Germany.
LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR (Disappointed) No, Lord Keningale! Do not go yet, please! I beg you! Stay with us a bit more!
KENINGALE I'm sorry, Lieutenant. I must go now. Gentlemen, I am very grateful for your hospitality. Sure, when you return to the United States, before again dropping by to say hello. Good night.
Soldiers and Officers (In unison) Good night, Mr. Keningale!
O'CONNOR LT, as a good host, accompanied KENINGALE to exit the barracks.
LIEUTENANT O'CONNOR (Drunk) Well, good night, Mr. Keningale. Are you going to lose many more of our delicious drinks whiskey and, worse, still not know what happened to my ancestor Ethelinda Fionguala.
KENINGALE I'm sorry, really sorry, Lieutenant O'Connor, but forgive me never to visit Germany. Must be a land so magnificent as this. Do not worry, we'll meet again.
KENINGALE turned and rode off. He took a walking pace and was absorbed thinking that would not take long to get to the hostel to rest peacefully until the next day. But suddenly, he tripped over a rock and fell, but did not hurt. And, just in time to return, he heard behind him a troubled laugh that froze my heart. The wind began to blow hard and cold soaked to the skin it.KENINGALE, despite being frightened, turned and questioned him who was stalking.
KENINGALE Who's there? Come on, Lieutenant O'Connor, quit!I do not like your joke! He has gone too far! He sees it is very cold! Come back to the barracks!
But nobody came out of the darkness. And, conversely, laughter resounded even with power in May. KENINGALE happened to be afraid to have a profound terror. And it came to mind as evil omens to which the Irish were just as likely during the feast of All Saints. He quickened his pace. The cold got worse, the wind cleared the clouds and the moon shone with an unusual intensity. The terrible feeling that a thief or something much worse was chasing him, he was not off his head.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Some time later ..."
KENINGALE lost track of time. But I remain petrified to see that he was surrounded by graves.Without being noticed, had come to the cemetery in Cork and forest trees had been left behind.Driven by a morbid curiosity, examined carefully the graves, one by one. And he thought he was raving when he had the feeling that the stones did not seem as old as a few hours earlier.KENINGALE looked up and was livid, his face contorted with panic. Opposite him was a female figure dressed entirely in black with a hood that you could not see his face. KENINGALE try to explain why this woman was so late an hour and so cold, in a place so sinister and bleak. Lastly, he steeled himself and walked towards the enigmatic woman.KENINGALE interrupted deep state of meditation in which the woman was black, with bowed head, seemed to be praying quietly in front of a tomb.
KENINGALE Go! It seems that you are at home here! Can you tell who owns this grave?
The LADY IN BLACK sang a mild and pleasant smile. KENINGALE soon realize that it was the same laugh he had heard in the forest.
LADY IN BLACK This tomb belonged to Ethelinda Fionguala.
KENINGALE advanced to the LADY OF BLACK, standing beside him and could read without difficulty, the name of the woman occupant of the tomb, and found that indeed it was Ethelinda Fionguala, the very protagonist of the story he had told the DOCTOR DUDEN and lay there for three centuries.
KENINGALE And who are you, Miss?
LADY IN BLACK My name is Elsie. By the way, what are you doing on Halloween night?
KENINGALE I went to the hostel on the coast. Would you like to join me?
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE (Excited) What a coincidence! I'm going in that direction! Of course I'll be happy to accompany him! And so you can play music with his banjo, and the way we will make it short.
KENINGALE, ready to meet his companion ELSIE, and as a means to dispel their fears, began to play. And so, the sound of a happy song, the two began to walk. Halfway to the surprise of KENINGALE capital, ELSIE stepped forward and so incredibly light and graceful, swaying his whole body began dancing to the amazement and delight of KENINGALE.
KENINGALE Where do you live, Elsie? What do you do?
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE (Smiling) If you want to know what I do, follow me and see for yourself.
KENINGALE (Curious) Do you often walk at night in the hills?
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE And what's so special? By the way, where did you get that beautiful gold ring?
KENINGALE raised his right hand, where the ring had been mentioned specifically in the ring.
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE (Insinuante) Did Elsie would give it the honor?
KENINGALE Yes, maybe, but with one condition. If you promise to come with me to my home in New York, in my study, so that you do a portrait. Only then will give you the ring, and even pay you for posing. Be my model and my muse.

ELSIE / LADY IN BLACK OK, OK, if you give me the ring now.
KENINGALE Okay, but I want you to promise me you'll come with me.
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE And you will play the banjo for me?
KENINGALE (Spellbound) Yes, of course, as often as you ask me.
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE What if I am not so beautiful as to make me a picture? What if my face I disappointed?
KENINGALE try removing the hood, but LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE eluded him.
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE First the ring, then you will see me.
KENINGALE Okay, extend your hands.
The LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE extended its thin and delicate KENINGALE right hand and took off the ring, placing it in the ring finger of his acmpañante.Then, the LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE, prepared to remove the black cloak that covered her shoulders, revealing beautifully white. Her dress was also bright white, low cut and sprinkled with precious stones. But KENINGALE did not see his face because the LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE threw an unexpected warning that distracted him.
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE Beware! Watch where you step or you'll fall!
KENINGALE look around and, at that time, was when he realized he was in the midst of a crumbling stone bridge. He looked back where he was the LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE, but he had disappeared.
KENINGALE (Alarmed) Elsie! Elsie! Where are you? Elsie!
But LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE showed no signs of life. KENINGALE's mind the idea took hold that the woman had made fun of him and that, much as the look, would not find it, unless she wanted to see him again. THE LADY IN BLACK forgotten / ELSIE, KENINGALE recalled that since that bridge was started in a strait and pavement coming into town. The LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE had proved an excellent guide.
KENINGALE journeyed onwards, and did not take long to reach the outskirts of the village. However, to the right of way, somewhat enlarged, he could see two houses without roofs and covered with moss and a little further, hidden among trees, a large manor house. His disturbed mind, affected by the alcohol he had taken during dinner at the barracks, by the terrible cold that had gripped the night and the sudden appearance and disappearance of the LADY OF BLACK / ELSIE began to guess. And if that was the house she had spoken DUDEN DOCTOR! The Kern County CASA and Ethelinda Fionguala! KENINGALE began to fantasize and indescribable victim of a delusion, it was approaching the lonely mansion.
A song burst from the lips of KENINGALE that, how troubadour, excited and hopeful to expect that the sweet Ethelinda open a window. Suddenly, there was a noise from a lattice located on the second floor of the house and looked KENINGALE. He saw a beautiful woman, dressed in a sparkling white, identical to the LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE. She smiled as she kissed seductively, the tips of his fingers. KENINGALE was left stunned. It was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and intense black hair waved in the wind. Then suddenly, the woman threw a metal object against the dregs KENINGALE feet. The man then closed the lattice, and disappeared.KENINGALE reached down, grabbed the key and, determined, she went to the front door of the house.
KENINGALE entered the house. The lobby was huge, but was plunged into complete darkness.Realized he was not alone, because by extending his hand to avoid tripping, I come into contact with another coat of skin more sensitive and cold as his.
LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE / Ethelinda FIONGUALA Come, fear not, I will guide you.
EHTELIND KENINGALE and began to climb the stairs leading to the second floor of the house.
Ethelinda KENINGALE led into a room that, unlike the other rooms of the house, it was lit. It was large and spacious, and decorated very rich and varied.The walls were papered with fine tapestries and several chandeliers, with twisting flames, spread through the room. The ceiling was plaster and curtains and upholstery of the seats were damascene. In one corner stood a table on which were scattered sparkling dishes with all kinds of meats and bowls of wine. And opposite was a large fireplace. However, still lit, the atmosphere of the room was still proving so cold as the village cemetery. AM KENINGALE not stopped beating heart to contemplate Ethelinda. Her lovely face contrasted with his pale lips and dark eyes that shone like diamonds. Happiness flooded KENINGALE, as a child, had dreamed of a female cocnocer Ethelinda.
Ethelinda I do not remember me. Come on, tonight is unique!This is our night! I knew they would play that song, our song! And my heart has greatly pleased by it!But kiss me, Hurry! I have cold lips and I need the warmth of your own!
It was true that KENINGALE kiss lips were so frozen as death itself, but by his ardor and passion, got revived. Instantly, and to his surprise, the face of Ethelinda left her pallor relegated to oblivion and became a spectacular beauty. KENINGALE went to the table and sat down. Ethelinda was hungry and, as his helpful wife, he poured the wine and the food.
Ethelinda Eat and drink, my beloved. You've come a long way and you need recover.
KENINGALE Are not you hungry? And neither do you thirsty?
Ethelinda You are my food, my dear. I do not need anything else.
At that moment, felt a tremor KENINGALE unexpected cold calarle again to the bone.Ethelinda smiled and started dancing.KENINGALE distinguished in his right hand the ring he had given to the LADY IN BLACK / ELSIE.
KENINGALE Where did you get that ring?
Ethelinda You do not remember! Is the ring you gave me to fall in love with me! Kern ring! And I am your beloved Ethelinda!
KENINGALE (Longing) It's true! You're mine and I'm yours! Let us be happy forever!
Ethelinda (Excited) That is, dear, forever! Now sing that song that I like! Ah, what a wonder! At last I can live a hundred years!
When KENINGALE stopped playing the banjo, both settled into the bed and, lewd, started kissing.Ethelinda was glowing while, on the contrary, you invaded KENINGALE an alarming weakness, which he believed caused by the intense cold.Then, vision blurred and he fainted. However, in a deep delusion arrested and subjected to a disturbing dream, believed KENINGALE Ethelinda watch him with his frozen smile and her figure alternately brightened and darkened as the last flames of a dying fire.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "The next morning ..."
KENINGALE awoke the next day, not knowing how long it would have been asleep. The room was empty and devastated ruins. Nothing remained of splendor and luxury of the night. The tapestries on the walls of the walls were ragged and confused with many cobwebs. In addition, dust covered the windows and mild sunshine penetrated by them. A bat, disturbed by sunlight, fluttering over the heads of KENINGALE, which upset and disgusted, joined with great difficulty and was able to repel several swipes. Finally, the bat left the room by the window opening. The banjo was on the other side of the bed, but it was not the glittering musical instrument that his friend John had given him and had become a bit worn out and broken wood. And there was no trace of sweet and virtuous Ethelinda.KENINGALE call it several times but got no response. And then leaned back, exhausted, on the bed.
KENINGALE Ethelinda! Ethelinda, my love! Where are you?
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
KENINGALE And this is the story, John. My health was seriously weakened for several days. Fortunately, I got out of the house and get to the hostel. From there I went to the hospital in the nearest town. Lieutenant O'Connor came to see me one day and gave me memories of May Malloy and Dr. Duden. I became sullen and morose. Oh, my fucking disappointment! Nothing will be as before for me!The sadness for not being Ethelinda accompany me to the grave!
And KENINGALE HAWTHORNE, to warm up, hands went up the chimney fire to an astonished Study JOHN WILLIAMS.
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits. 

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