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martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Indent literary: Imperfect robbery.

Filming in Black and White.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "Heist imperfect."
Year 2010, four in the afternoon, Center for Urban Waste Gomecello Salamanca. TWO BOYS are working by selecting the residues of a long conveyor belt. Are replaced by two other boys, called Luis and Roberto.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on "Dusk and ROBERTO LUIS and continue working ..."
There are now ten o'clock at night and LUIS ROBERTO still missing and another two hours to complete their turn. The two have been working all afternoon, almost without desacanso. ROBERTO are so exhausted that you press the "Stop" because of the two is that it is nearer. LUIS remove the sweat from his brow with his arm.
LUIS Buffff! I'm busted, Roberto! How is it that after taking the race we ended up working Computing in a place like this!
ROBERTO This is what you get, Luis! What we have done!This is because of the Socialists and the Zumbao of Zapatero! Both speak of full employment and here we are! And we've been very lucky! We could be two more of the five million unemployed people!
LUIS I'm sick! Our lives must change! Our destiny has to change! We deserve it! We deserve it!
ROBERTO (Excited) That's it! What do we do? What can we do to make our lives another?
LUIS ROBERTO eager to respond, but realizes that he has gone blank. But suddenly, his face regains luminosity, but a moment later, he returns to restrain. And, finally, offers a suggestion that seems ridiculous, ROBERTO completely crazy.
LUIS Let's go to Monte Carlo! There we can play our money in the casinos! If we win, we'll be rich! And if we lose, well, if we lose ...!
ROBERTO scratches his head and questioned LUIS.
ROBERTO If we lose, what? What will we do if we lose, Luis?
LUIS, after another moment of doubt, re-excite.
LUIS That's it! 'll Dock the casino! That's it!
ROBERTO How! What! Perhaps you mad! No, you have definitely lost your mind!
LUIS What choice do we have, Robert? Want to keep your whole life working on this site?
ROBERTO gets to scratch his head and, after a moment of deep meditation, LUIS answers.
ROBERTO Well, yes, Luis. You may be right.
LUIS So no more talk! Tomorrow we head towards Monte Carlo! In addition, to get there, just spend money on gas! And when we get there we will stay in the cheapest hotel to find!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Two days later ..."
After a long and exhausting journey and spend a night in a roadside inn, and ROBERTO LUIS come to Monaco, as planned, staying in one of the cheapest hotels. There are now ten o'clock at night and they both have to leave the hotel establishment toward a casino.
LUIS (Excited) Let's go, Robert! Montecarlo and night are ours!
ROBERTO (Excited) That's it! The night is ours!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
ROBERTO LUIS and sit at a table in the casino playing poker. Both have the face very seriously and are saddened, because within an hour have lost almost all the money they had. Only, they are a handful of chips, just taking the most experienced player at the table. Weary, Luis and Roberto are removed from the casino.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "That night, especially at midnight ..."
ROBERTO LUIS and enter the hotel room where they are staying in Monaco at midnight. Crestfallen, ROBERTO only think of sleep, rest, to think from the day after how they will raise their future, but LUIS again take heart of grace and encourages Robert to commit the robbery of the casino.
LUIS We still plan the heist the casino, Roberto! If we do, well, we'll be rich and we will not feel bad in life!
ROBERTO But ,..., Are you still with that, Luis? And how do we do? Do you have weapons?
LUIS smiled ROBERTO Machiavellian cunning and quickly out of his bag two pistols.
ROBERTO (Altered) Where did you get those weapons?
LUIS And that matters, Roberto! The important thing is that they're going to get rob the casino!
LUIS, who had it all planned in the event that the fate of the rookie did not work in poker, also out of the bag two balaclavas and passes one to ROBERTO.
LUIS Take! When we go to the casino, put it!
ROBERTO I do not know why I ignore all your crazy, Luis!
LUIS Come quick! When moorings before the casino, before we run and it will be harder to catch!
LUIS ROBERTO again and leave the hotel room.
Fade to Black Closing.
LUIS park your car in one of the access roads to the casino and just turn off the engine, ROBERTO argue with him again.
ROBERTO (Sulking) I do not know how you intend to make this madness! The only thing you get is that we put in jail for life! The truth is that I do not understand!
LUIS (Annoyed) Okay, Roberto! You stay here and do not move! I who dock the casino!
Out of the car LUIS ROBERTO leaving the word in the mouth.
LUIS comes quickly in the casino, but his road to recovery window is suddenly interrupted by the threatening presence of several SECURITY GUARDS, who will not stop going to a game table to another, and increasingly closer to him.
It has been ten minutes since I entered the casino LUIS ROBERTO that you have made eternal.Visibly nervous and concerned by what could have run LUIS, ROBERTO decides to leave the car and walk around the casino to cool off.
ROBERTO, solve a ride around the block, around the casino, up to the back of it. No one travels at that time and discovers that road and watch, amazed, a vent from the bowels of the casino.
ROBERTO No doubt! This is the vent! And surely leads to the casino safe! As I have seen in the movies!
ROBERTO, already decided to help in the robbery LUIS, look to either side, making sure no one is watching, and pulls hard on the metal square ventilation duct, just starting, is introduced by the same .
ROBERTO, which has moved quickly through the ventilation duct, reaches the room safe and a mighty leap, landing right in the middle of the room.Excited and confused at the same time. It addresses the safe. A feeling of anxiety takes hold of him. You have no idea what may be the combination that gets open. Suddenly, it occurs a code.
ROBERTO That's it! The 5555! And that is what God wants!
Four of the same type number and the safe door opens.
ROBERTO Bingo! De Puta Madre! I can not believe how lucky I am having now!
ROBERTO enters the stay safe and gasps, not having seen so much money in your life. In addition, several bags propped against a wall.Then, take one and the load on their backs.
ROBERTO Well! This is enough! I guess with the money we have here we can live a good season!
ROBERTO stay out of the safe and fed back into the vent. At that time, his heart accelerates violently upon hearing the alarm of the casino.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Several minutes before ..."
LUIS, more relaxed, has been able to stop collection of the casino. Look to one side to another, making sure no one is watching and goes to the casino employee of the window in front.Without hesitation, LUIS gun out of his coat carefully and points to the EMPLOYEE. This, he was quietly counting money, reacts scared. Luis tries to soothe.
LUIS A view, quiet, quiet! Quiet! Take one of those bags you have at your side and start putting money! If you obey me nothing will happen!
The casino employee abides by the order LUIS readily and fills a bag with money and then give to it. LUIS collect the bag, put the gun back in his raincoat, turns and walks with a light step, toward the exit of the casino. But before leaving, the employee who has been held at gunpoint, press the alarm button. LUIS placed his mask on his head and began shooting into the air, causing panic in the casino. The security guards run toward him with the intention to arrest him. LUIS leaving the casino.
ROBERTO has already left the vent, but due to nerves, has been left out of money in the middle canal. He rushes to the car LUIS, distressed by the fate that has been running it inside the casino.
ROBERTO gets into the car and then see who comes running LUIS, pursued by the casino security guard, who never stop shooting into the air.
LUIS gets into the car, but before he can escape ROBERTO and there are a dozen security guards prepared to open fire if it is to start the vehicle.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Ten years later ..."
After ten years in prison in the Principality of Monaco, Luis and Roberto will stay for a week out of prison, but an unexpected event will mark the life of Robert. LUIS has not stopped smoking in all that time and has been diagnosed with lung cancer irreversible. One day, start coughing very hard, unceasingly, and falls to the ground vanished.ROBERTO, desperate, notify prison officials.
ROBERTO Guards, fast! My friend is dying!
Prison officers rush into the cell, but it's too late to LUIS. ROBERTO tries to take the pulse and tries to revive him, but Luis is dead. ROBERTO tears.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The following week ..."
A prison officer opens the door of the jail and ROBERTO goes out.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next day, in a village south of France ..."
ROBERTO, thanks to money raised by the work he has done in prison, has gone to a village south of France, without having very clear what to do with his life, and has stayed at a pension. That night, when he decides to go for a walk, is in the hallway on the board with a beautiful and attractive brunette named Francois. Both are smiling broadly. So they know they have fallen victim to an arrow. Later, they kiss and make passionate love in the room ROBERTO. And in the morning, he convinces Francois to go with the Monte Carlo casino to retrieve the bag she had left, ten years earlier, in the ventilation duct.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next day, at night ..."
FRANCOISE parks his car on the street leading to the rear of the casino and wished him good luck ROBERTO's intention to recover the bag of money.
FRANCOISE Good luck, honey. And do not worry. I'll keep watch.
ROBERTO, touched, kisses FRANÇOISE and out of the car. Then, quietly and looking at both sides to make sure nobody is watching, he goes to where is located the vent from the casino.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Ten minutes later ..."
ROBERTO FRANCOISE wait a while, but over time comes to seem not eternal. Finally, ROBERTO opens the car door and get in the car with the bag full of money.
ROBERTO (Happy) Well, great, honey! Since we can go! Luis, you who art in heaven, I dedicate the success of this robbery!
FRANCOISE (Excited) Okay, honey! Now we can start a new life together!
ROBERTO and again FRANÇOISE kissing passionately and then FRNAÇOISE start the car engine.
The car leaves the site that had been parked and headed towards the exit of the city.
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits.


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