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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary writer: The last vampire.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "The Last Vampire. Based on real events. "
Moratino village de Sus, Romania. Christmas 2003. It is Christmas Eve, but family members have no time for celebrations. In his room, the old man dying TAKES PETRE, amid terrible pain plaguing his battered body. His son, GHEORGHE TOMA, poured vodka into a glass. Wants you to take to alleviate their pain and for their transit to eternal life be easier. Meanwhile, LOOK MARINESCU, GHEORGHE TAKES woman makes a statement to his father-PETRE TOMA, to let him fluff his pillow. This, nods, and gets incorporated with difficulty. The sheets on the bed of the afflicted patient are wet, drenched with sweat emanating from the body of TOMA PETRE.Suffering from fever has reached a point of no return. PETRE GHEORGHE gives the glass of vodka and he drinks it in one gulp. Moments later, the body becomes rigid and PETRE expires.GHEORGHE's face begin to sprout tears as Mireles, very concerned, leaves the room crying.And, accompanied by several women, NEIGHBORS, soon to return to the room to watch the corpse. WOMEN are quick to start exercising of mourners, chanting prayers and fast and endless litany.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next day ..."
Virtually all the people present at the funeral of PETRE SHOT, as in life, was a very popular and unique. Some neighbors their condolences to relatives of the deceased, GHEORGHE and Mirel.For its part, a group of women perform their role as mourners to perfection.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "That night ..."
MIREL falls ill at night. In the middle of the night, wakes up startled and GHEORGHE husband fails to understand what happens. Your body take over several consecutive compulsive tremors suddenly vomits on the bed. GHEORGHE tries to calm her hands and touched his forehead, a cold sweat realizing the body is traveling Mirela. GHEORGHE expresses confusion aloud.
GHEORGHE(Desperate)What I can do for you, Mirela? Do you want to bring an infusion?
MIRELNo, Gheorghe. I just want water, please.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on "Hours later, at dawn ..."
Early in the morning, GHEORGHE left home to go find the village doctor. When both come into the room, LOOK is quieter at night, and half asleep.The doctor touched his forehead.
MEDICALBah, do not worry, Gheorghe! Your wife only has a transient fever! It will happen a few days of rest!Abrígala well and hit water when prompted!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "The next night ..."
The next night, LOOK gets to feel uncomfortable, making several turns from side to side of the bed while GHEORGHE is fast asleep. Look at it this very confusing, not knowing if you are asleep or awake. The only thing that is certain is that you are the victim of a terrible nightmare. The border between sleep and wakefulness is so diffuse that eventually just fade away. A shadow approaches the bed. Someone is licking the face of Mireles, who opens his eyes. Horrified, he sees that he is stalking is PETRE SHOT, his late father, who notes with a devilish smile and face bloodied. With a heart about to explode, LOOK exhales a chilling scream.
MIRELAaaarrrrgggg! No! You're dead! You're dead!
GHEORGHE wakes up without reaching to understand what happens to Watch it. For its part, PETRE disappears.
MIRELGheorghe, quick! Light a candle! I have seen your father! I was here! Me next!
GHEORGHE out of his bedside table a candle and a matchbox and light creeps into the room.
GHEORGHEBut you say, Mirela, baby! You're delirious again!Nobody! No one in the room! The door is closed and the window!
MIREL(Decomposed)I told you I've seen! I have seen your father caressing and licking her face while you were sleeping like a log! Listen! My grandmother and my mother told me that the dead can leave their graves at night, go to the homes of their families and destroy their health to death.
GHEORGHE(Comprehensive)Okay, okay! Tomorrow night I'll go with my friends at the cemetery! And check if my father has become a strigoi. But I am sure that this is the fruit of your imagination. Fever, delirium and makes you hallucinate. My father is dead! Well dead!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "The next day, and night ..."
GHEORGHE leave his room after being taken from his drawer a flashlight and went into the kitchen of his home.
GHEORGHE gathers in the dining room of his house with his wife, Milena and her friends, who are five. All are holding bottles of vodka and all end up being GHEORGHE who harangue others. They are equipped with hoes and flashlights.
GHEORGHEGreetings, comrades! And courage! Value! We're going to need it!
A GHEORGHE signal, the six tuck the aisle and out of the house.
Just a few moments later, after giving time signals bells of midnight, stony silence takes over the cemetery and its people. This silence is broken by the shrill chirp of the cemetery gate opening.
Fade to Black Chained.
When six friends come to the tomb, they begin to dig relentlessly until the GHEORGHE hoe hits the wooden coffin.
GHEORGHEWell, comrades, now we know if my wife is telling the truth or has been teasing us.
GHEORGHE, aided by his friends, was able to move, albeit with difficulty the coffin. Now was the moment of truth, whether PETRE had followed the natural process of the dead to eternal life or whether, by contrast, had become undead, a vampire. GHEORGHE carefully lifted the lid of the box. And their friends, with wide eyes, they see that PETRE lies not in the position where he had buried. He was on his side, his body incorrupt, facing right. But what really makes ice cream to the layman, is that Petra, with the one eye that was open, the right eye is looking intently at GHEORGHE and friends. In addition, PETRE shoes were muddy.
GHEORGHE(Terrified)Oh, my God! It's true! It's a vampire! Strigoi!Strigoi!
ALL(In unison)Strigoi! Strigoi!
GHEORGHE start running towards the exit of the cemetery as a soul that takes the devil and his friends did not hesitate a moment to follow, leaving the hoes and torches thrown into the churchyard, and the open grave.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
PETRE leaving the cemetery just at the moment in which a LABRADOR returns home after fulfilling their tasks in the field. PETRE addresses him in a derogatory and full of evil.
PETREDo you know who your neighbors are cowards?Yes, that's what they are! Some damn cowards!Not have dared to kill me! Haha!
The farmer, died of cold and terror, simply reply, stammering, speaking PETRE of inclement weather.
LABRADORBu-bue-no-no, yes, yes, yes, Lord Petre. Makes frivolous, cold, very cold tonight, right?
The Labrador, to see Petra and not looking at him, starts to run like a hare towards his home.
PETREI do not feel at all cold! Rather, the body burns me!Haha! But where are you going, unhappy? Well, you pillared. I know where you live, hahaha!
Closing fade to black.
Fade to Black Opening.
GHEORGHE enters the room where Mireles, and lying in bed reading a book, anxious to know what happened to her late father PETRE.
MIRELWhat, Gheorghe? What happened?
GHEORGHE, though just barely, by a titanic effort and knowing the weight of lies, get calm Look at him.
GHEORGHEAll right, Mirela. Everything went well. Should not worry anymore. My father is not no vampire.
MIRELThankfully, Gheorghe. Beginning to be worried.Well, until tomorrow.
GHEORGHEUntil tomorrow, honey. Sleep well.
MIREL blew out the candle on his bedside table and started to get into a comfortable sleep. For its part, GHEORGHE, worried, sit in bed for a while.But finally, he went to the wake of his table, turned it off and lie down.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Several hours later ..."
At about six o'clock, PETRE again stalking the sleepy Look at him. At first, your subconscious takes over, transforming the peaceful sleep in a hectic nightmare.
PETREMirela, Mirela! You husband is a coward! You cheated! You lied!
MIREL moved frantically and thick drops of sweat flowed down his face. Was about to awaken.PETRE, again with a bloody mouth, kneels before Mirel and, like the first night he visited his old house, began to lick her face. MIREL opened his eyes and saw the evil face of PETRE. Then, hit a shriek and began to hit her husband nudges GHEORGHE, awake.
MIRELAaaahhhh! Aaaarrrrgggg! Gheorghe! It's him! It's your father! Damn you! You have deceived me!
GHEORGHE(Confused)What, Mirela! Bloody hell!
Georghe is quick to take a candle and light it with a match. Later, lying on the bed, starts to move the candle to illuminate the entire room, but had disappeared PETRE.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next morning ..."
The next morning, a furious MIREL called his neighbors, women of her husband's friend GHEORGHE.
MIRELI can believe that I have for the unfortunate husband is a coward! Yes, a coward and a liar! My fears were unfounded! His father has become a strigoi!Yes, a vampire!
NEIGHBOURING(In unison)Oh, can not be! May God take us confessed!
The Mirela NEIGHBOURING begin to cross himself, but it gives a strict order.
MIRELQuick, go and look to your husbands! They are just liars and cowardly than mine!
The NEIGHBOURING soon returned accompanied by their husbands, GHEORGHE FRIENDS, house of Mirel and GHEORGHE. This, you just get up, go into the dining room, and was surprised by this unexpected meeting.
GHEORGHEMirela! What does this mean?
MIRELMeans that tonight your friends and going back to the cemetery and are going to end once and for all that damn vampire. If you have to hincharos of vodka, you do. But do not return home without fulfilling your mission.
GHEORGHE(Doubtful)But, Mirela, ...
GHEORGHE MIREL interrupted.
MIRELIs it clear or not?
GHEORGHEYes, yes, of course, do not disappoint.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "That night ..."
GHEORGHE and his friends came to the open grave PETRE. This was in the same position last night. GHEORGHE took a bottle of vodka in his jacket and gave several slug. His friends did the same. Then, fortified by alcohol, which burned his body, clutched a horquillay plunged PETRE's chest. After breaking ribs, cut out his heart and punctured like a meatball. But the ritual of removing the vampire did not end at that time. GHEORGHE and their friends, the heart of PETRE in hand, went to a nearby crossroads, in the same cemetery, gathering fallen branches of trees, lit a fire. Then, GHEORGHE PETRE threw the body into the flames. Before long, the heart is charred, turning to ashes. Finally, GHEORGHE ashes sprinkled over a bowl of water and both friends and he drank.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Finally, Petre could rest in peace.Mirela Gheorghe and reconciled with other women with their husbands. But a week later ... "
One morning the following week, someone calls the house and Mirel GHEORGHE. GHEORGHE is having breakfast in the dining room and asked Mireles to attend the visit.
GHEORGHEMirela, please! Open the door!
Moments later, LOOK entered the room and behind it, appears Florea, GHEORGHE's sister, who lived in the nearby city of Craiova.GHEORGHE freezes, it did not expect a visit from his sister.
FLOREOHello, brother! What! What should I expect? How's father?
GHEORGHEFather has died, Florea.
FLOREO(Distraught)What! No, it can be!
Florea, sobbing, embracing GHEORGHE. And he has no choice, given the inquisitorial gaze of his wife, watch it, to confess to his father FLOREO PETRE has been the victim of a ritual antivampírico. FLOREO passes rapidly from tears to anger and rage, you strike a blow to GHEORGHE.
FLOREOWhat! How have you been able, Gheorghe! Was your father! I sue! End up with your bones in jail!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "And so it happened. Florea Gheorghe and got denounced both his friends like him, grave robbers, went to prison in Craiova.
GHEORGHE and his friends are sleeping in the bunk of his cell. Suddenly, GHEORGHE starts to shake, she wakes up and is horrified, completely paralyzed, when you see the shadowy figure of PETRE toward him. The vampire had a bloody mouth.
PETREGheorghe, my son. I've come to take me. Haha!
GHEORGHENo, father, please! No! Aaaahhhh!
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits.

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