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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: The tragedy of Sanabria.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The tragedy of Sanabria.
It's summer, full month of July, two thousand nine, in the region of Sanabria. The heat is sweltering and a group of English, consisting of two boys and two girls are sunbathing next to a rental car. Suddenly, the deafening noise of the engine of a vehicle parked near them, means that they are incorporated. This is a VAN. The noise stops and opens its doors. Two boys and two girls close the van door and, passing by the English, are directed towards the place they have tried as best suited to fix the two tents they have. One of the English, eager to make friends, get up, peeling of the towel that had lain since early morning, heading for their new neighbors camping.
MICHAEL (Suave and broken Spanish) Hello! Welcome! My name is Michael, and they are Richard, Catherine and Michelle!
MICHAEL's companions, smiling, they also take off their bath towels, and also join to greet new on the site.
ANTONIO (Exultant) Quillos Hello! My name is Antonio! But you can call Anthony! And these three buddies of mine are Rafael, María and Sara! We Andalusian! Come on, come from the South of Spain! De Utrera, specifically! And you where are you? Oxford does, perhaps? Or London? Do you know speak Spanish well?
RICHARD We are not in Oxford or London. We're from Reading, which is a smaller city. And yes, they do know how to speak Spanish well, because we have several summers in Spain and, through contact with people, we learned a lot.
RAFAEL (Curious) And how long have you been here?
CATHERINE We arrived yesterday at this campsite and we stayed a week. Then rent another car and go south.
ANTONIO remains entranced watching the slender figure of Catherine and tiny floral bikini, to the extent that it almost makes your mouth water. But, feeling the eyes of the English Inquisition, reacts.
ANTONIO Reading! That sounds like something to read!Haha! Of course you have to go south! By Extremadura! And Andalusia, of course! Lands are more beautiful than these!
MICHELLE involved, also causing the admiration and RAFAEL ANTONIO, with its equally small suggestive purple bikini.
MICHELLE For now, we are staying in this area. In the travel agency they recommended that we visit a village, Ribadelago. What happens is that I'm a little scared. As we have seen over the Internet, something terrible must have happened there long ago.
RAFAEL Oh, yes! Of course! Ribadelago! According to my grandfather told me, fifty years ago, a dam burst and water flooded the village. Virtually no one left alive, and since then, the legend you hear the church bells at the bottom of Lake Sanabria. The dictator Franco ordered up a new Ribadelago, but there were few survivors of the catastrophe that would like to continue living in the region. At present, the new Ribadelago, there are fewer people, and flooded the old village was deserted, although it is said that spirits of the disappeared still roam the streets, on cold nights in this part of northern Spain.
MARY (Scared) Oh, my God! For the Virgen del Rocío, Rafael! Quit talking about these things! We came here to have fun! To spend a week on vacation! And what we are telling me are coming forward to returning to Utrera! Hey, do not know about you, Sara! But what am I, now I'm in a bikini and join our friends from Great Britain!
SARA Absolutely, Maria! I'm not going to be less than you! And Rafael, my soul, by God, not again lied about such sad things!
SARA MARIA and remove their shirts and shorts.The first is wearing a blue bikini, while the second is yellow. Both are having, like the English, the rotund curves and big breasts to stop gawking and RICHARD MICHAEL. Without saying more words now, both as RAFAEL ANTONIO, take off their shirts, standing in a swimsuit, to the secret delight of Catherine and Michelle. RAFAEL, MARY and SARA VAN removed from the bath towels and lie down next to the four British, while, by contrast, stands ANTONIO thoughtfully.
ANTONIO Hey, guys! Listen! What do you think if before evening we approach Ribadelago?
Quickly, Mary is the first to reply to his friend Antonio.
MARY (Alarmed) For what the hell you want to go there, Antonio!Have not you heard what I just told Rafael! It is dangerous to go there!
ANTONIO (Defiant) Bah! That no more than superstitions of old scary!It is true that people believe in ghosts and cursed! I can not believe it!
MICHAEL I also think as Antonio Is it true that you are afraid of going to that town?
ALL (In unison) Of course not!
Even Mary, who was the most resistant, has responded negatively to the question of MICHAEL.
ANTONIO (Triumphant) For there is more to say! This afternoon we left Ribadelago!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "A few hours later ..."
Thus, the two groups of friends access to their vehicles and leaving your camping area at the campground.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
BRITISH FOUR FOUR and ANDALUCES, park their vehicles outside the new village of Ribadelago, leaving them with the intention of exoplorar that place, at first glance appears barren and uninhabited. Then, leaving them to receive and welcome an older man with a long white beard and gray hair. It has about eighty years, is provided with a cane and provides staring and lost to outsiders and then throw a serious and ominous warning.
ELDER (Sullen) May I ask that you come here! Disappear! In this town we are becoming less! And there's nothing to see! This site is not a park attrac!
Despite the rude and rough manners ELDER, ANTONIO strive to be is friendly and polite as possible.
ANTONIO Excuse me, sir. For anything we wanted to bother.We have come to visit his people have told us that it is very nice and attractive.
ELDER (Very upset and angry) What! No way! Damn! Who has said that! This town was built by the dictator because he wanted to compensate us for having quedadazo without our homes! But the truth is that we offset a shit! It was much nicer that the old people! But very few have ventured into the old Ribadelago! And those who have done so mad! Now, the new village is also being desert, because neighbors say they see ghosts and visions that invade it every night.Increasingly, those who leave the cities. Here we were just thirty.
The last words uttered by the aged are wrapped in a halo of sadness and unhappiness, and the kids can not help pitying him.
SARA (Sorry) Sorry, sir. I really sorry that it is going so badly and feel so sad. Again, I speak for all my colleagues to say sorry. We just wanted to visit the village. We promise you that tomorrow we will leave. Is not that right, guys?
ALL (In unison) SIII! Absolutely!
ELDER (Flexible) Okay, okay. Sea But only until tomorrow. Eh! And do not shout! If you do call upon the dead to come out of their graves! Do not you know you hear the church bells from the lake bottom each anniversary of the tragedy! Well, goodbye! You well!
The old man gives turned and headed toward the first house in the village, opening and closing the door behind him. Nothing more to close the door, rises deep powder that surprises visitors due to be in full summer. The boys quickly to address what seems to be the only bar in town.
Upon entering the bar, the boys observe that all these are over fifty years. There is no youth or children. The natives look at them very surprised, reflecting a huge pale faces. And then without a word, everyone leaves the bar, like rats fleeing the sinking of a ship at sea, leaving the children alone with the bar owner who, interestingly, is the youngest villagers, as is approximately forty years.
BAR OWNER (With kindness and smiling) Well, guys. How are you? Welcome to Ribadelago!What do you want to drink?
The boys are distraught with fear since the start of wind gusts at the moment the old man into his home. And also very worried and puzzled by the behavior of the locals towards them.
ANTONIO Hello, sir. But, let's see, why they have all left the bar just to watch us?
BAR OWNER (Carefree and a wide smile) Bah! That do anything they do not like foreigners or strangers! But do not worry, hey guys, do it with all who come to stop here! They used to come over but for some time, at least one year, has not come back to anyone. The poor reputation of Ribadelago has spread throughout the country. Do not you you will have lost, right? Haha!
MICHAEL (Broken Spanish) But ... I do not understand. What's wrong with coming to visit?
BAR OWNER (Surprised) Go! Haha! I bet everything on this bar you're English! And is fluent in Spanish! I'll explain in a very simple. The inhabitants of this town do not like to have visitors because they believe that cause to the spirits, the ghosts of all those family members who died in the tragedy of fifty years ago. But I do not think like them! No more stupid superstitions and trickery of ignorant people! The thing that we are isolated from the rest of the country! As in other depressed areas such as Las Hurdes!
MARY (Surprised) And why there are no children in the village, and young people like us? That's what always gives joy to any place that is far removed from the rest of the world! As we have seen, you are the youngest inhabitant!
BAR OWNER (Triumphant) And I am! Upon my word I am! At least for a year!All young couples marched a year ago here in search of a better and more exciting! The truth is that they could support their elders any longer!They lived in fear, very scared! Then came a moment that they got tired of listening to his predictions! Even my wife took my children to Zamora! There's my family! At my mother! I refused to go. I did not want to spend a coward! Since then, none of which left the town, is back.
MICHELLE (Shivering) But prophecies ,..., What were those?
BAR OWNER It was the old man you saw upon arrival which was telling of his generation, and those of the previous earlier in the space of a year something terrible would happen. Could not explain with certainty that it could be, but that something terrible would happen to the people. He also told the youth that if in the space of a year did not leave, they would perish. And all heeded him except me, because I do not believe in fanciful talk of a crazy old man.But the fact is that all the villagers, from first to last, from the oldest to the youngest, I was ignored. In the old death threats and does not affect them because they know they will soon meet with their relatives and ancestors, and who have lived long enough and, therefore, God be gracious to them.However, what left me more puzzled is that the greatest nodded and obeyed orders without thinking of the elderly. It was as if they had been abducted! As if he had washed his head!
MARY (Very concerned) So what happens now? Would not you know?
BAR OWNER (Disappointed) Not really. I have not the slightest idea. I'd love to know, but I have no idea.
The boys are just as disappointed and disappointed that the owner of the bar to hear the response from it. Suddenly, the bar owner tries to change his face and the kids forget everything that has cash.
BAR OWNER But let's forget and all that, guys! Let's see! What is it you want to take? "Beer, wine, combined?
At that time, which is Anotnio spoke.
ANTONIO Well, let's see. We are eight. Well, sírvanos four jugs of beer and four of wine with coke. What our British friends know what is good about Spain!
BAR OWNER That's done, boy! It's about time! Do not know how long I had to be without power to have fun with young people! Well, correct, if you know. A year!Haha!
Quickly, the bartender serves children four jugs of beer and four of wine with cola, as he is served a glass of whiskey and coke.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "A couple of hours later ..."
Both pitchers of beer, such as WINE WITH COCA COLA and cups, in great numbers, are perfectly aligned along the bar all the Ribadelago again.The bar owner, and drunk, like its partners, is interested in the four Englishmen.
BAR OWNER So you are not from London or Manchester! Go!Well, those are the only cities I know of England!Haha!
MICHELLE (Smiling) But no! We're from Reading.
BAR OWNER "Read? "Read? What! Reading! To me that sounds to read, reading or something! Haha!
All burst into laughter. And when the laughter, after several minutes, are becoming extinct, ANTONIO again asked the bar owner.
ANTONIO By the way, Feliciano. How far is the old Ribadelago?
ANTONIO Half a mile from here.
MARY (Incredulous) What! Antonio! Let's not pretend that this ghost town, really!
ANTONIO Yes! Something wrong, Mary! Come on! What cost you! Overall, this town is not a wonder! What do you say?
ALL (In unison) Okay! All right!
FELICIANO Wait, it's night! Take, flashlights you soon!
FELICIANO extends them flashlights that have hidden next to some bottles. The boys say goodbye to this uncoordinated gestures with his hands and then move toward the exit of the bar.
FELICIANO (In a mocking tone) Hey, guys! Be very careful with the spirits and wandering souls! I will not absorb in the way! Haha!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Half an hour later, the powerful light of lanterns carried by children, illuminates the desert and uninhabited Ribadelago OLD PEOPLE. It has taken longer than expected to cover the distance from a village in another because of the feverish intoxication that has clouded the senses since they left the bar FELICIANO. A thick blanket of fog covering the floor of the demolished village. The eight kids start believing joke and laugh and drive away the fear that gives them the fact of being in a place so desolate and so instantaneously induces utter sadness. Suddenly, in the stillness and the deafening silence of the night, hear ringing bells coming from far beyond the village, the lake bottom.
RAFAEL (Jokingly) Go! The bells! They could not fail to liven up a place so idyllic! Let's see! Let's see! Surely none of you four, ingresitos, you are dating! At least that's what you have shown me! And the truth is not none of us four, Seville, we are!
ALL (In unison) Haha!
MICHAEL (Looks like loneliness) Well, we could do an orgy, but I tend to something finer, more "British", more "Cool." Swinger! Here!Antonio with Catherine! Michelle Raphael! Richard with Sara! And I with Mary! And each pair has to be as far as possible from the others! That is, each will go to a cardinal point of the village. Ok, boys and girls?
ALL (In unison) Okay, Anthony!
CATHERINE ANTONIO and address, without knowing it, one of the house that best withstood the terrible flood and the rigors of time. ANTONIO focus with flashlight everywhere, while CATHERINE increasingly frightened, grabs him hard.
ANTONIO (Surprised) Catherine, quiet! That I will not separate from you!I'll leave the arm without blood! Go! This house does not seem as broken as the rest! And the floor seems made of quality wood!
CATHERINE We will not go cold. Right, Antonio?
ANTONIO (Sharp) No, woman, we will heat each other.
CATHERINE (Alarmed) Sorry, Antonio! Do you have a condom?
ANTONIO (Funny) If women. Of course I have a condom! Do not worry! We'll have a little bad that I can accurately get inside of you among so many shadows, but enjoy.
The two lie down on the floor and let the flashlight ANTONOIO aside. CATHERINE climb up the skirt, takes off her panties and spreads her legs to receive the brunt of ANTONIO. Moments later, it begins to move inside her breathing sighs of pleasure and CATHERINE does the same. Are well over ten intense minutes, in which their broken gasps and breaths are becoming increasingly frequent. But he finished making love, hear distant screams and yells and distant, as if coming from far away but in reality, are nearby.
CATHERINE (Smiling) Must see, eh Antonio! They are much more rowdy and noisy than us!
ANTONIO Yes! We must see are the bastards! Anyway, Goodnight, Catherine!
CATHERINE ANTONIO departs, sighs deeply, and sides. Then it responds.
CATHERINE Good night, Antonio!
The two fall asleep, thanks largely to the great surf with.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on "Eight hours later ..."
The sunlight that passes through between the crumbling roof of the house, make ANTONIO wake up. Also, try stretching, arms moving back and forth, and yawning heartily. Catherine feels has not woken up yet, so it starts elbowing, but the English girl does not respond to their provocations.
ANTONIO Come, Catherine, my sweetie! Top lazy! That it is day!
ANTONIO turns to look at CATHERINE. However, what you see lets you deeply shocked. The girl has been crossed by two stakes, one that has stuck in your head, and the other in the womb, and his blood stained clothes ANTONIO.
ANTONIO (Weeping) No, Catherine! Answer me, Catherine! Do it! My God! Boys, boys! Come here! Catherine is dead!
But nobody answered. ANTONIO, despair, rises out of the house.
ANTONIO goes to the outskirts of town, right in the direction to where the night before he separated from his colleagues, because they have seen in the distance, stretched and aligned. The horror ANTONIO lets paralyzed when a couple of yards away. A cold sweat runs through the body and can not help but shake the head to toe. Their six remaining partners are also a couple of cuttings that have passed through the body, located in the same places CATHERINE, ie one in the head, the other in the womb. Their bodies are completely flooded by the blood that flowed from them, forming a huge puddle. The tense stillness of the room was suddenly broken by the wind, began to acquire a major force again. Then, encouraged by the environment, takes over ANTONIO a sense of helplessness and disbelief unstoppable, caused mainly by the death of his friends, and soon his face is furrowed by numerous tears. ANTONIO turns around and surprise is great when you see so clear, a group of children stare at him. All are dressed in a white sheet. Begin to smile, but so evil, expressing such wickedness as any mortal would think that they are children of the devil.However, at some point, stop smiling and look with hatred and contempt ANTONIO.
CHILDREN (In unison) Outside, through our people We've left alive to tell it to everyone you know not to come to Ribadelago.Well come to Ribadelago equivalent to die! That is the mission that will take care for the rest of your life! Humans must warn that this is a forbidden place for them!
ANTONIO take momentum and giving out strong and violent stalked the desolate village. But in a reflex, it occurs to look back and stops. Horrified, ANTONIO see how the group of children are blurring almost disappeared, but remained dormant in the shadows. At that time, water ANTONIO invade the town and realizes that the dam has burst and again that with total certainty, the ghostly presences are also caused breakage.ANTONIO is very scared, but he still has the courage to reproach him for his misdeeds Ghostly CHILDREN.
ANTONIO (Annoyed) But if you kids! This you are doing is macabre, disgusting! You killed and you are going to kill many people!
ANTONIO head turns back and runs the ghost town, with his heart beating steadily and increasingly stormy winds and angry.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Ten minutes later ..."
ANTONIO giving strong voice to reach new people Ribadelago and the first residents are seeing ANTONIO FELICIANO and the elderly, elderly man so reclusive that he did not want visitors in their village, leaving the bar quickly and ancient house respectively.
FELICIANO (Very scared) But do you know that has happened to you guys!Why are you alone?
ANTONIO (With the first signs of exhaustion) No time for explanations! We have to go now in this damn place!
FELICIANO remains motionless for a moment terrified when he sees that the water begins to invade the village, but later revived.
FELICIANO (With a lump in the throat) Mother of God! The dam has burst! Where is your car?
The old man has left his home leaning on a stick, shocked the hurricane includes the new flood that crash over the village.
ELDER (With a loud voice) Neighbors! Come out of your houses! And behold how beautiful and terrible nature can be both! Now I know the cause of all this is going to happen!Today, as you know, is the fiftieth anniversary of the flooding of our old people! And the arrival of these strangers has been a premonitory sign!Neighbors, listen! We must not flee like cowards!We must stop the suffering! We need to sacrifice and join our ancestors! It is a sacrifice not be in vain and they will thank us! I promise we'll be happy for all eternity!
The remaining thirty neighbors in the village, they begin to leave their homes. For its part, the old man runs forward, and to step out of the raging waters without any fear about death and knowing that soon will gobble it up waves. The neighbors, as if the old man were a prophet, mentally absorbed by the force of his words and mesmerized, join him. FELICIANO ANTONIO and reach the van, the vehicle enters and starts. ANTONIO can not avoid referring to the elderly.
ANTONIO That man was crazy! Poor soul! The abductees have! Because of him they will all die!
FELICIANO (Urgent) I bet it is! Turn the car! No time to lose!
ANTONIO Where are we going?
FELICIANO A Zamora. A look for my wife and my children.Hurry! Hurry! Or we will not live in this hell!
The van turns around and leaves town. The vehicle picks up speed quickly thanks to Antonio has stepped on the accelerator.
ELDER (Exultant) Haha! Come to us, the waters of the underworld!Come!
As he said these terrifying words, his eyes to glow again, especially when he saw the Ribadelago OLD MISSING CHILDREN.
ELDER Look! You see them! They are our ancestors, who come to meet us!
The group of children a sinister smile, and then return to fade until it becomes virtually invisible.Just at the moment in which the group of children disappear from the field of vision in the elderly, the wild and uncontrolled water from the dam gobble up villagers.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Fifty years later ..."
ANTONIO, already seventy years, is sitting on a stone bench in a street on the outskirts of Utrecht, surrounded by children, who listen with interest a story I have is finishing.
ANTONIO And as the owner of that bar Ribadelago named Feliciano, and I fled from the disaster so awful.
CHILD (Curious) So what happened to him?
ANTONIO With Feliciano mean! Well, maybe it's appropriate to tell you, especially considering your age. I was told for many years was suffering from horrible nightmares and visions of watching harrowing.Until he could no more. Committed suicide. He put a rope around his neck and hanged himself. So now you know. I hope that tonight, when arriving at your homes this summer that if you intend to take you there, do not permitáis.
A MAN, who is the father of the child who asked the question, child approaches the circle formed around ANTONIO.
MAN (Angry) Hey, Rafael! Come here! And you go away to your homes! And if you do not make me tell you an old lunatic like this!
ANTONIO (Annoyed) No nonsense! Hear me! I just am telling kids that they should not allow people like you take them to Lake Sanabria and all die there, sons and fathers!
MAN Go to hell, man! Go preach somewhere else! And hear me well! We take them wherever we like! That for it is our children! Ah! And another thing! Since we do not want to relocate them there, we'll take the opposite. Al Sanabria take it to my summer, just for spite.
ANTONIO Do not know what he says and does not know what to expect. You do not realize but the frequency of catastrophes Sanabria is cyclical. Recur every fifty years and this year played. No one will return there this summer.
MAN (Indignant) He who knows not what he says is you! And worst of all, it's getting scary to these innocent creatures.Come on, kids! And it occurs to you to bring you closer to this man! It's bad! Bad, very dangerous!
The men and boys leave and the streets are deserted. ANTONIO pulls a handkerchief because, for years, any sign of rejection of him, no matter how small, feel vulnerable and have just enough time to catch the tears slipping down his cheeks.However, go to feel happy and feel happy when barely imperceptible steps approaching the bank where he sits.
ANTONIO (Curious) Who are you boy? Do not know! You're not from around here!
CHILD outlines a broad smile, which makes ANTONIO feel even more comforted if possible, than it already is.
CHILD I'm from a place far, far away.
ANTONIO (Confident) And what is that place? If that can be known, of course.
CHILD Ribadelago. I Ribadelago.
ANTONIO (Dislocated) What! No way! It is impossible!
At that time, the child begins to fade into a ghostly specter. And, without interruption, is transformed in elder ANTONIO knew fifty years ago.
CHILD / ELDER I come for you, Antonio! You know it has been fifty years since you and I know! I could not miss the opportunity to absorb your low energy! It was necessary to do before you die!
ANTONIO (Torn) Noooo! Disappears from sight, damn old! Son of Satan!
ANTONIO fades rapidly, becoming part of the spectrum of CHILD / ELDER Sanabria.
CHILD / ELDER And you bastards! Stop looking at me or pass over a part of me! Haha!
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits. 

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