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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: The briefcase.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "the case."
The action takes place in the cafeteria of a medium city in the United States. On the same street, namely the establishment left on the corner with another street, there is a police station.
Between a row of tables with folding chairs against each other, distinguishes two men sitting right in the middle of that row. The first man, who is beginning to speak, placed a briefcase on the table, while the second man listens with great attention.
FIRST MAN / JAMES Well, Mr. Morris, I'll introduce myself. My name is James and I am one of the trusted men of Mr McDonald. He could not come because he is very busy with his business. But has asked me to congratulate you for your service. You have done a great job keeping an eye on his wife.
SAM MORRIS (Curious) What they have done with it?
JAMES (Uncomfortable) That you, Mr. Morris, do not have to worry now. It is our business, clear? Also, what I am going to teach will not forget Mrs. McDonald.
JAMES opened very discreetly latches briefcase and looks at the bar of the establishment. The few customers that are in the cafeteria are back, sipping their drinks, and the waitresses are busy, preparing an infusion. However, another man, whom JAMES and MORRIS SAM not see, who sits at the table next to yours, curiously, with a briefcase carrying identical to JAMES, and listening very carefully to the conversation. More confident, JAMES lifts the lid of the briefcase, allowing MORRIS SAM can see its contents. The man at the other table, as intrigued as SAM MORRIS, carefully slide your face at the side of the sofa on which it sits. So as both SAM MORRIS MEN are amazed by stipulating that the briefcase is full of dollars, a million dollars, to be precise. The man at the other table, fearing that he might catch spying on her face away from the corner of the sofa. For its part, says goodbye to SAM JAMES MORRIS, rising from the table and towards the local output.
JAMES Well, Mr. Morris, I really enjoyed their reward with their family. Good morning.
SAM MORRIS Good morning, Mr. James.
In the face of SAM MORRIS draws a large and prominent smile. In fact, James is right. It has completely forgotten the fate that has been running McDONALD MRS. Think that you can now go with his wife and children to Disneyland, as had been promised so many times. SAM MORRIS finished his coffee and heads to the services quickly. The man at the next table also rises and so slow, can also be directed to the baths of the establishment.
When the Man with the sort of playboy and adventurer who has been spying on and SAM JAMES MORRIS, entering the service, go to the latter soundly pissing in the urinal closest to the sink, and the briefcase full of money on the flooralso on the side closest to the sink. SAM MORRIS devotes a quick glance at the man who just entered the bathroom and his briefcase, it is curious that is nailed to his. Covertly Vividor MAN puts his suitcase attached to the SAM MORRIS and, after washing your face and hair to trim a bit, check that SAM MORRIS is pissing looking distractedly toward the opposite side. Then with a swift and speedy movement of his left hand, collects Vividor MAN SAM MORRIS briefcase and heads, with firm and determined step towards the output of services, SAM MORRIS leaving the other case, which is filled clothes.
SAM MORRIS leaves the cafe just in time to see how the MAN Vividor leaves his car there. SAM MORRIS back a smile when thinking about the coincidence of the two briefcases. Then, get the keys to his car and reached inside the vehicle.
Relaxed and sitting comfortably, SAM MORRIS closures up the briefcase and his surprise is great when you see the object that has brought him much happiness in so little time is actually full of clothes.Then, his face red with anger and rage for having been removed, a stupid way, the reward given by Mr. McDonald. Dejected, slams his hands on the wheel, and thereafter, start the vehicle.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "Hours later .."
For several hours, SAM MORRIS aims, ensuring that their efforts do not notice, the vehicle Vividor MAN. That is, what remains at a safe distance.This leaves the city and in the evening he stopped at a roadside inn to spend the night. SAM MORRIS, in turn, reduces the speed of your parked car until it gently.
Vividor MAN enters the hostel and headed towards the bar, where the owners of the establishment, a young couple. However, before MAN Vividor ask anything, someone behind him, get paralyze.
SAM MORRIS Damn thief! Give me the briefcase! It's mine, you understand, dear!
The man turns and looks Vividor challenging SAM MORRIS. For its part, the couple from the hostel, seen as unwilling witnesses, the rapid development acquired events.
MAN Vividor So you want the bag, eh! Well, run, see him!
Vividor MAN pulls out of his pants right and pointing a gun at the face of SAM MORRIS. This, unperturbed, takes out another gun and does the same.
SAM MORRIS (Challenger) I have also one!
After a few moments that are endless, eternal.Then, in the man's face is drawn Vividor a wicked smile that quickly turns into uncontrolled laughter.And shoot, but SAM MORRIS is faster than him, and not only dodge the bullet but hits his opponent with an accurate shot him down, leaving him lifeless on the floor. At first after the duel, the young couple from the hostel are paralyzed by fear, but then react, and everyone does it his way. The hostel owner was traveling to SAM MORRIS, talking to him in a very agitated and nervous. For its part, the owner leaves the bar.
HOSTEL OWNER No, no, no, worry, sir. I bury your enemy! You'll see, no one will see me do it! They may accuse you of anything! And I myself will be a grave!
MISTRESS OF THE INN (Caring and helpful) Do not want to leave now, Lord! It is completely dark! Do Will sleep with us, right?
SAM MORRIS (Overwhelmed) Yeah, right. ..
SAM MORRIS intends to say something more, but the hostel owner interrupts.
MISTRESS OF THE INN Well no more talk. Come, take the stairs! I will take up the best room in our humble inn.
SAM MORRIS, accompanied by the hostel owner, includes, first of all, its legitimate case and then both begin to climb the stairs to the second floor of the establishment.
SAM MORRIS continues to move through the steps, but the owner of the hostel for a moment, falling behind. With stealth, it takes a dagger from the folds of her skirt and pouncing on the unfortunate SAM MORRIS, stabbing him in the middle back. The victim was rushing down the stairs, landing violently on the floor of the first floor of the hostel.
Have come to the hostel, in time to watch from outside the treacherous stabbing of SAM MORRIS, two Rustler, of similar style to the late Vividor MAN.
Rustler I (Amazed) Hell, you see, man! What son of a bitch!
Hustler II (Nervous) Hush! It you want to be discovered and kill us too!
OWNER / BILL (Exalted) But Rachel! Why the hell did you do that! Have you gone mad or what! Two sausages in one night!What will we do if someone calls!
OWNER / RACHEL Shut up, Bill! I'll take care of the bodies later! Now I want to know the contents of this bag!
The OWNER / Rachel opens the briefcase and discovered, elated, containing a million dollars. For his part, her husband, Bill, forget momentarily the two dead. By a stroke of luck, it still proving treacherous, he and his wife have become rich.Both are quick, then, with effusive hugs.Meanwhile, outside the establishment, the two Rustler contemplate increasingly amused the scene.
Hustler II This is our lucky night, not yours. We have to take with that case as it is.
Fade to Black Closing.
BILL (Ecstatic) We have to celebrate with a bottle of the best Champagne, Rachel! One does not become a millionaire every day!
BILL getting back behind the bar and has a bottle of Moet Chandon, one of the more expensive brands of French champagne.
RACHEL (Excited) Since then, Bill! Pass me a drink!
But the joy is short-lived Bill and Rachel. Suddenly, and without a word, the two Rustler enter the hostel, take two handguns from the pockets of his pants and massacre the hostel owner, Bill and Rachel.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next morning .."
The two Rustler quickly leaves the hostel with the bag and the next morning, two policemen, who had decided to stop for breakfast at the hostel, find out the slaughter.
POLICE I (Terrified) Good God! Who have been the bastards who did this! Quick, look for an ID!
POLICE II obey the orders of his boss with diligence and thoroughly checked the bodies.Thus, in the pockets of Bill and Rachel, as well as SAM MORRIS, remove personally identifying information, but do not have the same success with MAN Vividor.
POLICE II The two are together it seems they are the owners of the hostel: Bill Jefferson and Rachel Stevens.And this one was called Sam Morris, a private detective. The other is nothing.
POLICE II Sam Morris! I know! What horror! He had a wife and two children!
Fade to Black Closing.
Opening fade to black.
Black text on: "That same afternoon .."
That same afternoon, another couple of police will notify the SAM MORRIS WOMEN death of her husband. You do not hear the police spoke to communicate bad news, but the WOMAN OF SAM MORRIS in their reaction and their heartbreaking cries. His two children, a boy and a girl, leave the house and his mother tightly.
WIFE OF SAM MORRIS Oh, my God! Sam! Why! Why you!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "At the same time, in another part of the city."
The two Rustler come to the city he is from SAM MORRIS, specifically fall into the same cafeteria where the previous day he had an appointment with the Lord Lieutenant McDONALD, JAMES.The Rustler I carries the same bag that was given to SAM JAMES MORRIS. The two Rustler are having coffee when suddenly, the Rustler II gets an idea that does not make any grace Hustler I.
Hustler II Hey, hey, listen, listen a moment! Now we're on a roll, what do you think if we tied this hole?
Rustler I But what you say! You're crazy! Be satisfied with what we have won! Greed may be our undoing.
Hustler II Come on! Screw you! I docked this hole it as my name is Jack!
At that time, rising and taking out a gun, points to the OWNER of the cafeteria and several waiters.
Hustler II Quiet everybody! If a fucking asshole move by me!
Rustler II action to your partner has been caught by surprise, but has no choice but supported, targeted customers.
Rustler I You will jerk! Well, you heard it, still all. If you do not do anything stupid, this will soon be Finish.
However, the OWNER of the cafeteria takes advantage of the Rustler II has been distracted for a moment, pointing to other customers, to drive local alarm. The Hustler I, in turn, reacts quickly, leaving dry shots.
Hustler II Damn bastard! How do you thought of that!
The alarm keeps ringing and the hustler I the burst of a shot. For its part, the Rustler II is directed toward the part of the premises which houses the local cash register, which is also a terrified WAITRESS.
Hustler II You, beautiful! Give me all the money from the cash! Come on, do what you say and nothing will happen!
The Waitress opens the cash register, and delivery all the profit that has accumulated during a week the café, the hustler. But suddenly, a voice from a megaphone, petrified leaves the two robbers, the hustler. It is a police posted outside the premises which urges them to surrender.
POLICE Attention! Surrender! I repeat, surrender! They are surrounded! They have no escape!
Rustler I Damn! They have come here soon! There should be a police station near here and we have not noticed! What next?
Hustler II Take the girl who has given us the money. It will be our hostage and our guarantee to get out of here.
Thus, the two Rustler and the waitress their way out of the cafeteria.
The two Rustler go out and observe how it is crowded with police. At Hustler I, which is what has placed the gun in the neck of the Waitress, threatening, legs tremble. For its part, the Rustler II is preparing to make public their demands to get out of that trap. However, there are two policemen, two snipers, who wagered on the two corners of the street, shoot two separate rounds with proven and precisely calculated. The two Rustler fall to the ground and the waitress goes crying to the police, leaving the case without an owner until it is picked up by a policeman.
Closing fade to black.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next morning .."
The next morning, two police officers went to the house of the late Sam Morris, with his bag, and knock on the door. LADY OF SAM MORRIS comes to help you.
POLICE Good morning, Mrs. Morris. We found out that her husband signed a contract with Mr. McDonald and that this case belongs. We know we can not restore life to her husband, but at least this money will help your children and you can cope with their loss and move forward.
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits.

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