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martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Literary script: Alberto and Marisa, two unsung heroes.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Alberto and Marisa, two unsung heroes."
A group of passengers down a bus that just arrived in Madrid from Salamanca. Among them, a boy stands soon their thirties, dressed all in black, with a corduroy jacket and trousers, and whose hair is just black and curly. A blonde haired girl wearing a jeans and a white shirt which drew a rainbow appears is close to him. The boy called Albert, and the girl called Marisa.
MARISA Hello. Are you Alberto, right? I'm sure I'm not mistaken.
Hello. And you're Marisa? Is not that right? Neither do I think I'm confused.
Without a word, the two protagonists come together in a long, longing embrace. Speechless with emotion of the moment, however do not hesitate to kiss. When their mouths are separated, ALBERTO can not help but ask her about an issue that has been around for the whole trip.
ALBERTO (Eager) When you came back from Somalia? You can not imagine the anguish that I have come to pass for you! It is as if you had known all my life! How if they become part of my family! I was afraid that they could kill you!
MARISA (Council) Oh, calm down Alberto! My big crush! Make calm down please! Listen well. At no time have the feeling that he might lose his life. I intended to Xudur, a village in the country. Fortunately, there came to fighting between government forces and guerrillas. In addition, at night I would read your works, I felt very comforted and strength that they provided, helped me move forward.
ALBERTO (Emotional) I love you and I love you, Marisa. Oddly enough and has been reluctant to accept, I've fallen in love with you over the Internet. But it is true and I can not deny it lie, they have been few occasions when I would have preferred not to know of your existence to not feel anxious. I hope you understand me.Imagine if it happened in reverse, if it was me he had gone to Somalia, and you were that you had stayed here in Madrid.
MARISA (Grateful) Of course you understand. And is your confession and give it real and true value, because it means that I've wanted since I knew and I always have been present, in your prayers and your thoughts.Come, come and kiss me, fool. And forget everything else.

ALBERTO Sure, my muse!
MARISA ALBERTO and kissing again while passengers move from side to side.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The front door opens to a floor and a moment later, a light hand makes closer to the entrance lights.Then comes MARISA followed by ALBERTO.
MARISA Well, and this is my floor! What do you think?
ALBERTO start looking at the many photographs and paintings that adorn the walls. Moments later, he smiled at MARISA expressing satisfaction and compliance.
ALBERTO Okay, Marisa. Is neither too big nor too small. And I really like the photos and paintings. That's what distinguishes the story of people who are artists and they are not.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Three hours later ..."
MARISA ALBERTO and sit at the kitchen table, floor, and prepare to give a good account of a frugal meal consisting of a ham and cheese pizza and a salad with lettuce, tomato, onion and olives, apart from a bottle of wine.
MARISA (Concerned) I do not know, maybe nothing could have prepared.To be the first time we have seen face to face, it's no big deal.
ALBERTO (Sharp) Do not worry, Marisa! Really! This is great! And I prefer that there was little! I am on a diet. Not long ago I came to have a belly you can not see.
MARISA Really, this line! That relieves me!
ALBERTO Well, that's what counts!
They both leave the table and hug.
ALBERTO and MARISA are in bed lavishing caresses and kisses. After a while, Marisa sheds her gown and rose. Then, ALBERTO below, begins to move from front to back, without stopping, and breathing and ALBERTO are becoming increasingly agitated. Finally comes the time when both moan with pleasure, and Alberto is a side to MARISA be accommodated in bed.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "The next morning ..."
ALBERTO wakes up and gives him a loving pat to MARISA for it to be stretched. The two open their mouths yawning deep breathing, the most reliable indicators of fatigue that had the night before they even make a dent.
MARISA Well, Where are you going this morning?
ALBERTO How about if we go to Valley of the Fallen and the Monastery of El Escorial? I have curiosity to visit them.
MARISA (Very surprised) Oh, wow! But that will take us all day! Really you've never been to those places?
ALBERTO (Jokingly) Yes, miss. Is what we have and the truth is that I feel disappoint.
MARISA (Excited) So what are we waiting! I'll be your guide! Come, quick, come to breakfast and move! We're lucky! A bus stops at the two sites!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
MARISA ALBERTO and head to the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen. ALBERTO can not fail to be impressed by the grandeur of the place.
ALBERTO (Ecstatic) It's amazing what a dictator can do!
MARISA Yes, it's amazing what they can do, but make no mistake, Alberto, it could be done through the sacrifice of thousands of workers to which ruthlessly exploited.
ALBERTO (Very seriously) Absolutely. You're absolutely right, Marisa.
SEQUENCE 4. Monastery of San Lorenzo.EXTERIOR. DAY.
MARISA ALBERTO and after seeing the Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen, have moved to the Monastery of the Escorial, where he shows off his sense of humor mixed with knowledge.
ALBERTO (In theatrical tone) He said the great King of Spain, Philip II, back in 1580, I am the owner of the largest empire that Christianity has ever known! Such are the extensions of my domain in them the sun never sets!
MARISA (Curious) And how do you know all that?
ALBERTO (Solemnly) Because I always liked history, and, in turn, wanted to study the Carrera.
MARISA What happened? Did you study?
ALBERTO (Distressed) Well, I could not do it for a huge cocoon, named Nicholas, Nico for friends, distinguished professor of mathematics as they come, that crossed my path and my destination.
MARISA Well, if it's any consolation, I also had a teacher who had to throw him to eat other than the "Sugus", but was not as cocoon such as Nico.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "A few hours later ..."
After an exhausting day exploring the Valley of the Fallen and El Escorial Monastery, ALBERTO and MARISA reach the doors of a hostel is near the last place mentioned. When they enter the lobby of the hotel establishment, the CLERK is attending a posh COUPLE who wear expensive clothes, brand. Ie, two children from dad. Behind them stand two South American young people hanging behind two bulky backpacks are a few backpackers who intend to travel throughout Europe. Therefore, ALBERTO and MARISA have to get in line. The receipt indicated, with proven speed, both COUPLE posh, as the two South American, to inscribe their names on the registry from the hotel, and gives each couple their respective keys.
CLERK (Relieved) Less than you have come! Know the causes, but it took several days nobody was coming here to spend the night!
COUPLE both posh, as the two South American, become immobilized, fixed as statues, at the enthusiasm shown by the CLERK. After a moment, each other and react, without a word, quickly tuck the path that leads them to their rooms. When he hears that the two doors of their recent guests have been closed, the reception starts to talk to Alberto and MARISA.
CLERK What people more rude and crude! Thankfully, I think you are better. I do not know what to believe!The same think I'm like the protagonist of "Psycho"!
ALBERTO (In a mocking tone) Well, hopefully that's not true.
CLERK (Suave) By God! Of course not! For whom I have taken!
ALBERTO Of course, we are more pleasant, do not you, Marisa?
MARISA I agree. Recently I came from Africa, and there we used to worry about the welfare of all people that we know. I volunteer there with an NGO.
MARISA ALBERTO and sign in the Guest Registration Book, and MARISA includes the key that gives the receptionist. For its part, ALBERTO questioned it.
ALBERTO (Curious) By the way, Is there a restaurant in the hostel? We would have dinner. We took many hours with virtually no food, holding us up with some sandwiches, and after spending the day visiting the Valley of the Fallen and El Escorial Monastery, we are very hungry.
CLERK (Amazed) You have gone to the Valley of the Fallen and the Escorial Monastery in one day! How wonderful!That deserves a prize! I hope you like them! Yes, you have restaurant service! But as the night the waiters are fighting, is buffet style.
MARISA (Grateful) Thank you very much for your hospitality and interest. And come to dinner when we're settled in our room. Bye!
CLERK Until then, young!
MARISA ALBERTO and sit on the bed in the room that has been assigned.
MARISA Well, it looks very nice the receptionist! Do not you think?
ALBERTO, a little distracted by television, respond to Maris.
ALBERTO Yes, the truth is yes! Wow, this is terrible! In all channels out that more and more infected with swine flu that happy in the military barracks of Hoyo de Manzanares! And even also among the inhabitants of that town! Is it near here, no?
The TV presenter continued with his speech: "The worst thing is that the virus is mutating and the authorities do not know what they can become infected ...". Suddenly, a scream breaks the stillness and quiet of the night life, and makes the hearts of Alberta and MARISA start beating at high speed. They both get out of bed and head to the door of the room with the intention to leave the hall.
MARISA (Scared) What horror! What was that?
Coincidentally and chance that guests occupying rooms are consecutive. That is, they correspond room number three, five and seven. And they all go into the hallway. The pair of posh, the two South American and Albert and MARISA will look at each other scared. However, they will not be able to enjoy much time to be idle. Then, from the lobby, a GROUP OF WOMEN AND MEN, all bloodied and tattered clothes, enters a high speed in the corridor. The pair of posh and MARISA ALBERTO and remain paralyzed, but the two South American in their pockets of his pants and pistols, one with a frantic gesture, the couple asked posh to duck and begin firing. Thanks to his good marksmanship, manage to shoot down the zombies that have invaded the hall, and thereafter indicate to fellow property entering their room.
As one of South Americans, watching from the door, in anticipation that they might appear new intruders, the other goes to one of the drawers of the cabinet and pulls out several pistols of the same, offering each occupant of the room.
SOUTH AMERICA I Take! Cojan each a gun! We do not know how many of these creatures could come to attack! If you are curious to know why we have so many weapons, I would say that travel through a country like Colombia is disarmed an entire recklessness that you can quickly send to another neighborhood.
Hostal SIX TENANTS leave the room of two South Americans with caution.
Back in the lobby, six guests are the body of CLERK, who lies shattered on the floor. The main gate of the hostel is open. The posh is about to close, but suddenly someone grabs. Starts firing as best they can. It's too late for him, because zombies are now increasingly. Terrified and confused, aware that you may lose her boyfriend's cock shot, but the movements of the zombies that are trying to access the hotels, are very clever and in a moment, attract to itself the posh COUPLE .Trying in vain to save his comrades, and ALBERTO DOS and SOUTH AMERICAN MARISA constantly shoot, but can not prevent the posh end up like grass and food for meat eaters.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next morning ..."
The two South Americans are stationed in one of the exterior windows of the Hostel, while Albert and MARISA are in the other. When they begin to see how they approach a growing number of zombies to the hostel, shooting guns spat out by do not wait.After an intense firefight, not re-emerge more undead. At any given time, Albert comes up with an idea to their peers, experienced stress, it has not happened.
ALBERTO I know how we get out of here! Let's call the front desk asking for your help! Of course, how could we not have happened before!
SOUTH AMERICA II Hey, dude! It's what you think the zombies are stupid or what! I worried they will have to cut the lines!
ALBERTO You think? Why are you so sure? Well, I'll try! That, it never hurts to try!
SOUTH AMERICA II Okay, buddy! Maybe you're right and I'm the one confused! Do it!
ALBERTO looks forward to receiving a reply from the other side of the phone line. Finally, talk to the operator to put you in touch with police.
ALBERTO Hey, Operator! Can I have with the police? Wait a minute! ... Right! Hey! We are four! We are in a hostel near the Monastery of the Escorial! Last night and this morning they attacked us too! Can you come to our rescue? What this evening! But they can not come sooner! Do not! All right, all right! But, ask the police to come quickly, please!
The two South American and MARISA ALBERTO and look disappointed, but they are knowing that they can not do anything but wait, and resist if they attacked.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "A few hours later ..."
It is six pm the same day. He has not had any trace of zombies that could attack and ALBERTO DOS and SOUTH AMERICAN MARISA. But suddenly, a deafening noise from outside, takes over several miles. The four otean through the windows, envisioning a helicopter is approaching gradually to the ground, landing on a farm near the hostel.The four, without thinking twice, leaving the hotel establishment.
The two South American and MARISA ALBERTO and run from the hostel. But back to stay paralyzed by observing that a new and large group of zombies running towards them. Between the two South American, ALBERTO and MARISA and zombies, is the helicopter. The occupants of this open fire on the zombies. To make more complicated the rescue, and ALBERTO DOS and SOUTH AMERICAN MARISA practically come to the helicopter while the monstrous creatures and cannibals, but the zombies fall in number killed by the fire, come over to replace the fallen. MARISA ALBERTO and access to the interior of the helicopter, which is slowly rising. For its part, the two South American continue to fire against the zombies, but not enough to have the assistance of the occupants of the helicopter. Then, finally, MARISA cries desperately for the two South American climb on the helicopter.
MARISA (With a loud voice) Quick! Come up, boys, rise!
But it's too late for their salvation. The shooting followed two South American cannibal creatures, this time they reproduce faster, until you tumble to the ground.
TWO SOUTH AMERICAN (In unison) Save yourselves, lads! Save yourselves! Enjoy life for us! No, damn assholes! Face will be selling our defeat! Arrgg!
It is one of the two policemen, besides the pilot, who is in the helicopter, which begins to talk to Alberto and MARISA.
POLICE I (Excited) Bufff, guys! In good you have escaped! What! Do you want to join the Resistance?
ALBERTO But what about the military? It has not intervened to stop the infection!
POLICE II (Shaking head) But you know what world you live, boy! Did not you know that the infection originated in the barracks!The army is very decimated and most of the soldiers have become zombies! Listen. We educate and train a civilian militia to fight against this plague of nasty zombies, and can kill them.What! Do you want to join the militia or not?
ALBERTO AND MARISA (In unison) Absolutely! Together we will win!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on "MARISA ALBERTO and enlisted in the Militia, and soon stood out for their courage and solidarity with their peers. Finally, six months later, Spain got rid of the plague of undead, and MARISA ALBERTO and started a new life together. "
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits. 

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