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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Indent literary: Purgatory.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black title on "Purgatory."
Luis and Maria are a young couple. He's civil guard, while she works at a major domestic company as secretary to the Director General. It's Saturday night and it's up LUIS Time 22:00 to 6:00.Enter the kitchen floor in living for a year. Mary is having dinner salad.
LUIS Hi honey, How was your day?
MARY Well, but very busy. The boss has asked me to happen to computer listing of all products for the summer season. And then we had several meetings with the heads of marketing.
LUIS Well, I know you are very clever and they've done very well. Tonight I have to go to work, so I do not wait up.
MARY I need to disconnect, Luis. I had a very intense week. As tomorrow is Sunday, and I have to get up early, I stayed with my friends to go out tonight.
LUIS (Irritated and surprised) What! I thought I told you I do not like to come out at night without me! No, not going out! I forbid you to do! If you want to relax, watch a movie or read a book!
MARY (Altered) I feel like it, Luis! You're not anyone to tell me I have to do! I'm going out with my friends and your not going to stop me!
LUIS Okay, perfect! Then out with your friends! But back home are not, I'll pick you! I'll take a look for you and will end the fun!
LUIS leaves the kitchen, slamming the door. For its part, Mary is dry the tears that have flowed from his face because of the argument with her boyfriend.
Fade to Black Closing.
Opening fade to black.
Black text on "Eight hours later .."
LUIS has finished his turn. That night did not have too much work, but the anger that his girlfriend had not been removed from his head and has unhinged. So to calm down, decides to enter a "after" and have a drink. Screw the last people in the room there is no policeman warns, as it goes undercover. LUIS arrives at the bar, dodging the people who come from both sides. Then, order a whiskey on the rocks just to the waiter.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Ten minutes later .."
LUIS is now in the fourth whiskey and begins to make clear symptoms of intoxication. Suddenly, he turns around and looks at the local dance floor.And his heart skips a beat. Cree see, dancing wildly, Mary. For a moment intended to deceive himself, saying to himself that this girl is not Mary and it is confusing his drunkenness. But back at her from top to below. It is indeed Mary, is unmistakable with his blond hair and a pink minidress. However, what you feel worse LUIS not you have found his girlfriend in an "after" the wee hours of the morning, but has TWO GUYS that are constantly hovering around her. And both drunk as could be, as demonstrated to be Mary, are thrusting her hand secretly and away from trouble, will get down. Thus, in a moment, Mary starts laughing loudly and the two bullies seconded. That is already too much for LUIS that uncontrolled drinking a drink cup and heads, slightly disoriented and doing some eses, around the dance floor. When Mary sees LUIS front of you, the smile fades from his face. LUIS, very serious, goes to the Boy Who else is harassed his girlfriend.
LUIS Leave my girl alone! Leave her alone if you want to beat up!
The CHICO mentioned, although he has listened carefully, choose the policeman hesitated.
CHICO I What say you, uncle! I have not heard! Speak up!
The CHICO I hold hands to his ears and continue talking.
CHICO I Music is very high! I can not hear! Understand! I can not hear! Haha!
LUIS, very pissed off, grabs his hands T-BOY I, crushers and threatening.
LUIS That alone let my girl, fuck! Take off from my sight if you want to split the face!
At that time, the CHICO II pulls a knife from one of the pockets of his trousers and Mary involved.
CHICO II Hey you, bully! Get out! Get out at once or I'll nail!
MARY Can not you go home! Leave me alone, Luis! Do not you see I'm having fun!
LUIS, to see the gleaming knife, I separated from CHICO, who has threatened, and trying to convey calm, makes various movements with his hands up and down and backwards.
LUIS Okay! I can be with my girlfriend! You can fuck the two if you want! It's all yours!
CHICO II (Defiant) Yes, that's what we do! Haha! Noob! That you are a Noob!
Then, the two boys and MARÍA LUIS back to laugh and leaves the dance floor, heading for the local output.
LUIS opens the passenger door of his car and out of the glove an object, due to darkness, is not identified.
The two boys dancing next to Mary, still mocking LUIS, while she does nothing 'to defend her boyfriend, as it is absorbed, dancing.
CHICO II Hahaha, man! Is that me baby! Have you seen the face that has been the fag that when I got the knife!
CHICO I Yeah, dude, yes! He stayed white! White as a sheet! And throwing legs over here! Haha!
But then, are two of them which are petrified, speechless with horror, and suddenly stops dancing MARY. LUIS has returned to the "after", and has done with his gun enforcement officer.Local customers who are closer to the actors, recoil in horror.
LUIS (Defiant) What! What I say now, shit! No I hear you! I think you were saying I was a wimp, eh! Is not you said that, you bastards! Speak! Speak the fuck up!
CHICO I (Trembling) Hey man, quiet! Okay! It was not our intention to disrespect! You can take the girl, but that gun down, please.
But LUIS ignored his pleas and an evil smile on his face is drawn. Then, you hear the click of the gun, which indicates that it only needed to pull the trigger to fire. LUIS MARIA tries to dissuade you do not, but it is too late.
MARY Luis, no, please! Have you gone mad or what! Put the gun down, please put the gun down! Is well! You win! I'm going home with you!
But Louis is not ready to give up and shoot. The gun spat three bullets, which are housed in the heads of the two boys and Mary. Then, terrified by the crime he just committed, put the gun to his head and commits suicide. A deafening uproar takes over the premises.
Fade to Black Closing.
White Cast Opening.
Luis and Maria, rather, their souls, they are dead, walk hand in hand along a path that ends at a fork in the road. Featured on a mound, SAN PEDRO is talking to the souls of the two girls in "after hours".On the road to the left, stuck a sign that the word HELL is written in capitals. And on the way to the right, nailed another sign, also with SKY word printed in capital letters. SAN PEDRO raises his left hand, pointing to the corresponding sign, and Luis and Maria look at how the two boys begin to walk left. Finally, Luis and Maria arrive at the end of the road. SAN PEDRO prepares to speak, but an angel on its right and whispered in her ear while she delivered some papers.
SAN PEDRO Well, it was time, I wanted to rest. It seems that today these are the last two. How! That the fit is uncovered and can only enter one more! My God!What lack of foresight!
At last, SAN PEDRO speaking, addressing and MARIA LUIS, ANGEL and disappears.
SAN PEDRO You are welcome to purgatory! Now, let's see ..
SAN PEDRO gets glasses worn around their necks and read the papers.
SAN PEDRO Well, according to these reports, as you saw, just handed me, you, Luis, you're a murderer. And you, Mary, you're a whore. And in hell there is only room for one more. Do you have a coin?
LUIS, while palpating the pockets of his pants, looking for a coin, looks expensive SAN PEDRO slaughtered lamb and secondary MARY gesture.
LUIS Yes, San Pedro, I have. But can not you send us to heaven? We, basically, we want, and we've been good. It is true that I've always been a little jealous.And I know Mary and I know it would be unable to deceive me, I want it too. It was all a mistake. I did not want to be a murderer and she would not give them a whore, do not you, Mary?
LUIS MARIA looks, seeking his approval.
MARY Yes, yes, that's true, San Pedro. I never cheat.Please, San Pedro, I beg you, forgive us and send us to heaven. Here we behave well.
SAN PEDRO Sorry, I'm sorry, but you know what you have to do.Throw the coin. If heads, be you, Luis, who goes to hell. And if tails, then you will come to you, Mary, go to the underworld. Well, anyway, that ye believe not much time apart. Tomorrow will be singed Lucifer and a good number of sinners. And it is here for you, wandering through purgatory, you must also move towards hell.
Luis and Maria, discouraged, waiting to see what awaits them currency. Heads, so Luis is chosen to go to hell.
SAN PEDRO Has left his face. Courage, Luis, after all, hell is not as bad as painted.
Luis and Maria embrace and kiss passionately, but, gesture SAN PEDRO, two angels appear and lead to separate them at the beginning of the road LUIS on the left. And the two lovers, her eyes flooded with tears, goodbye.
LUIS Goodbye, Mary.
MARY Bye, Luis.
Closing fade to black.
End Credits. 

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