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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: La mafia strikes again.

SEQUENCE 1 --------------- CHALE. INTERIOR. .------------ DAY
Opening fade to black.
Title in black: The mafia strikes again.
The action is set in the living room of a spacious and comfortable house where the leader of a gang of mobsters, sitting in a comfortable chair, goes to one of his bodyguards. THE HEAD of the mobsters are looking at a photo that appears with other capos. Then, stop looking at her and calls one of his trusted men.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Ecstatic)Luis Moreno! Come here, damn dog! Haha!. Bring the "soon", please. Today is Sunday and I want to know what is cooking in Spain.
Yes, sir, bring it now.

LUIS MORENO is headed for the kitchen, which is where the magazine. Passing down the aisle is angry and muttering.

Brrrr! Damn dog! He called me damn dog! That will be his father! One of these days I choke and I am in charge of the organization.
Enter the kitchen and finds another henchmen Beres, which is how you call the boss of the mobsters. It JAVIER LORENZO, aka the "Chota."
LUIS MORENO JR(Expectant)What, Lorenzo Javier! Colleague of the plain! Have you seen the "soon"?. He wants the big boss.
JAVIER LORENZO(Easygoing)Yeah, dude, I've seen. But please please, do not call me Lorenzo Javier, you make me feel like the child of a Venezuelan soap opera. Call me "Chota." There's the magazine, next to the microwave.
JAVIER LORENZO points to where the JOURNAL and LUIS MORENO catch it quickly and leaves the kitchen to return to the classroom. When you go down the hall, you can not avoid further grumbling.
LUIS MORENO JR(Angry)Brrr! I the charge! One of these days I rode the casting office and to elect new colleagues. And let no one doubt that when that time comes, I will be able to give a luster and brilliance unmatched by the Mafia charra and their criminal activities.
In the middle of the corridor, intersects with JESUS ​​ANTONIO LABRADOR, which is the rookie of the organization. LUIS MORENO Yours.

What, Antonio Jesus! Good morning!


What "Pisha"! How do these bushing? By the way, I do not like to call me, because I do feel the protagonist of a soap opera.
Okay, okay, okay, but let's not start sucking cock yet. I'll call Labrador.
No, no, please! Thus either! I can give a complex of peasant that I did not take off in life. Call me by my initials: A.J.L.
Okay, A.J.L. Come, see you later.
LABRADOR JESUS ​​ANTONIO(Supplicant)No, please, Luis Moreno, do not go yet! Do not go, please! Before resuélveme a doubt that is eating me. This box here is a Cezanne, right?
JESUS ​​ANTONIO says a picture is hanging halfway down the hall. LUIS MORENO watches him carefully.
LUIS MORENO JRNo, son, no, sorry, A.J.L. It's a Picasso.
JESUS ​​ANTONIO laments, as if it had happened a disaster even greater than mere artistic failure.
LABRADOR JESUS ​​ANTONIO(Angry)Shit, shit and remierda! I failed again! Since the school does not give one in Art! Mariví Damn! I always had sunk in misery!
LUIS MORENO, aware that the boss can Fly-in view of his lateness, resumes his way JESUS ​​ANTONIO leaving her weeping alone.
LUIS MORENO JR(Astounded)As bells! Here are all as bells! This is not a serious syndicate. These are four friends who have gone through the pads. I happened to competition and, if any, believe it.
LUIS MORENO enters the room where the chief and was waiting anxiously, as they had begun to walk in the same circles.
Ah, Luis Moreno! Finally you are back! This is not good for you, boy, you know. Hang on a head rest points in organizations like ours. Come, pass me the magazine.
LUIS MORENO magazine gave him their leader. It is very crestfallen before the rebuke of which has been subjected by Beres. This begins to leaf through the magazine, pausing only what interests him.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Interested)Now, let's see what's interesting. Caramba! If this is a story about families with more success in Spain! Let's see, to see if any of Salamanca. Yes!Here's one! The Martin family, who lives in the Paseo de la Estación. No doubt, this will be our next coup, we will emerge from bankruptcy. Fast, Luis Moreno, calls everyone! Let them know that summoned an emergency meeting in the lounge.
LUIS MORENO JR(Compliant)Yes, boss, yes! As the bullets!

LUIS MORENO swift and speedy progress to inform their peers, ie, the "Chota" and AJL Five minutes later, they are all in the room, ready to hear the instructions that his boss, Beres, they can get.
HEAD OF THE MAFIAWell, comrades, listen well. Police custody and lack of income have decimated our organization and our decline accelerated. However, in this life you have to grab at straws and I have found. If we carry out a kidnapping and everything goes exactly as I have planned, we will have overcome the bad situation for which our organization has passed it.
Beres shows them the "Pronto", which is the page where you get a photo of the Martin family.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Persistent)Take heed, gentlemen! Take heed! This is the guy I should kidnap. Hagan's favor as it has not been confused sometimes, and above all, be cautious.Tomorrow morning, you two, Luis Moreno Junior and Javier Lorenzo, will travel to Salamanca and when leaving the father and son to take to school, be involved and ensuring that no one will know, come to kidnap and bring the boy before me .Then I decide what to do with it. Be the magazine and do not put the leg.
Closing fade to black.
SEQUENCE 2 ----------- STREET. EXTERIOR. ----------------- DAY

Opening fade to black.

It is eight o'clock in the morning. LUIS JAVIER LORENZO MORENO and just park your car in the Paseo de la station, directly opposite the home of the Martin family. LUIS MORENO quietly browsing a magazine. JAVIER LORENZO nudges him in full stomach. It was the signal to alert you that a father with his son just left the building. In reply, LUIS MORENO punches back.
JAVIER LORENZO(Angry)Be still, dude! Be still and see who are the subjects they look!
LUIS MORENO see photo reportage and nods.
LUIS MORENO JR(Convinced)Yes, "Chota" they are, no doubt. Come on!
The two gangsters out of the car and go quickly to meet his goal. The pointing their guns. The father, very scared, raise your hands. The gangsters grab the child and take him to the car. Start and then drove off at high speed.
Closing fade to black.
SEQUENCE 3 -------- CHALE. INTERIOR. .------------------- DAY

Opening fade to black.

BERES, the head of the mafia, receives his two henchmen, just arrived from Salamanca, LUIS JAVIER LORENZO MORENO JR, JESUS ​​ANTONIO before LABRADOR, AJL The action again placed back into the room where you started this story. The mission was successful once and the son of David Martin, alias "Nuñez" is already in his possession. The two kidnappers are being congratulated by his boss.
SON OF DAVID MARTIN(Threatening)Let me go! Do the favor of letting go! My father stopped and put everyone in jail.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Confident)Haha! We'll see, man! You are damn dogs! Haha!.Starting today, I can assure you get very far into the underworld. As just one example, from the moment you are promoted to this position in our criminal gang.
Beres stop talking and is thoughtful, as if reflecting on the momentous issues. No one dares to break the silence, as the irascible, sometimes it is the boss.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Joker)No, wait. I am confused. Haha!. I know because I look to the face stunned, bloody dogs! Here we are only four. It's quite impossible to have promotions or reductions. Haha! Labrador!.
Yes, boss, send, tell me! I remind once again, I call Labrador, I do not like. Just call me A.J.L.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Moody)How dare you, Labrador! I'm the boss here and call you as I get the balls! Quick, grab the kid and take it to the darkroom.
LABRADOR, AJL, grabs the boy's hand and removed trying to contain his anger as he can.
Closing fade to black.
SEQUENCE 4 --------- OFFICE. INTERIOR. .---------------- DAY

Opening fade to black.

We are in the police station in the capital charra. In the office of commissioner, he and his assistant spend idle time as best they can. The commissioner, known in police circles as FRANCISCO JAVIER, alias "Pachi" is reading "
Gazette ", while his assistant, Jose Ignacio, aka" Primo "lazy and indolent nature, is falling asleep to force his head against the wall. Suddenly, the silence is broken by the sound of the intercom, more strident than ever.
FRANCISCO JAVIER(Moody)Who the hell is this hour! José Ignacio, do please take the phone.
JOSE IGNACIO still asleep. The phone keeps ringing loudly, incessantly. FRANCISCO JAVIER, who had not taken care of the newspaper, he realizes the fact and scream all he can to wake his subordinate.
FRANCISCO JAVIER(Indignant)No, no way! Have you gone to fall asleep! José Ignacio, wake up!JOSE IGNACIO, which was plunged into a deep sleep, and stretches reacts to the cheers of his boss.
JOSE IGNACIO(Sleepy)What! What! Who calls me? Have you already finished the game? Who won?
FRANCISCO JAVIERThe phone, dammit! Soul of a pitcher! Pick up the phone!
JOSE IGNACIOYes, say! Who is it?
DAVID MARTINHello, good morning. Is the police station, no? I call it this morning have kidnapped my son and I need your help urgently.
JOSE IGNACIOWould you please give me your personal data?That is, your name, address, phone, and so forth.
My name is David Martin Hernandez. My address is Paseo de la Estación, number fifty-nine, third ce, and my phone is the nine hundred twenty-three twenty-four eighty-five forty-six.
JOSE IGNACIO(Surprised)David Martin, David Martin, ..., Damn! No way! You are the "Nuñez"! You were with me to school! By Venancio Blanco!
The pleasant surprise has been JOSÉ IGNACIO, becomes DAVID MARTIN contained anger when he responds.
DAVID MARTIN(Curious)Who are you? Why I speak so familiarly? I'm not for jokes! They have kidnapped my son!
JOSE IGNACIOEasy, easy, no-sulfides, "Nuñez." You were the class nerd. I am Jose Ignacio Garcia, the only genuine. Do not you remember? I am the "Primo".
DAVID MARTIN(Altered)It's true! Now I remember your voice! Now I remember! You were the one who always fall asleep in class, ..., and police have become!Mother! How's the patio!
JOSE IGNACIOHow? What is the last thing you said? I have not heard correctly.
DAVID MARTIN(Council)He said that there are more urgent things to deal with our memories. They have kidnapped my son this morning before my very eyes, and I need your help and the commissioner.
JOSE IGNACIOSure, "Nuñez"!. I mean, David Martin. From now we get down to work and I Commissioner. By the way, see if you can guess who my commissioner and above.
I do not know, nor am I going through your head Who can be.
JOSE IGNACIOFor Javier Pachon, the "Pachi". We also have been amazed, eh? Well, do not move your house, go there now. First thing we do to start the investigation will proceed to a full-blown interrogation.
DAVID JOSÉ IGNACIO MARTÍN and hung the phone at the same time.
FRANCISCO JAVIER(Surprised)So was David Martin! Jesus, José Ignacio! What a small world! Let there!
JOSE IGNACIO FRANCISCO JAVIER and put on their coats. However, before leaving his office, the phone rings again. Commissioner picks it up.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Funny)Haha! Fucking bitch! I have been I who have kidnapped the son of "Nuñez." Now, listen well, because not repeat it. That damn dog will be presented only in Prior Street tonight at midnight, and with a suitcase containing the beautiful figure of ten million euros. Is that clear?. If we notice anything unusual charge us both. Come! Until tonight! Haha!
THE HEAD of the mobsters, Beres hangs with no opportunity for the replica of your interlocutor, "Pachi", FRANCISCO JAVIER, very alarmed by the call you received. Decide quickly return to pick up the phone and dial the number of DAVID MARTIN.
DAVID MARTINYes! Who is it?
FRANCISCO JAVIERHey, David Martin, look, I'm Javier Pachon, the commissioner. I have called the kidnappers and they said that the release of your son will only take effect after midnight on Prior Street if you come with a bag with ten million euros. Is that clear? Do you have that money?
There is silence in the telephone conversation.DAVID MARTIN notice that has been struck dumb with wonder at the demands of the kidnappers of his son.
DAVID MARTIN(Puzzled)Ten million euros! Well, okay, yes I have that money. I'll do anything!, I'll do anything in order to save the life of my son!
FRANCISCO JAVIER(Comforting)Do not worry, "Nuñez" I say do not worry you, David Martin. We will also be in place for the appointment, and remain on the sidelines. Come on into the night!
DAVID MARTINUntil the night then we are.
Closing fade to black.
SEQUENCE 5 ------------- STREET. EXTERIOR. ------------- NIGHT

Opening fade to black.

The action takes place in the Plaza Mayor. It is dark. A person emerges from the darkness, is David Martin, who with a suitcase in his hand is directed promptly to Prior Street. When it enters the bottom shows how the mobsters are with your child. Stops.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Challenger)David Martin! "Nuñez"! Haha! Damn dog!Remember me? I was with you in high school, in Venancio Blanco. I Beres, your delegate class.Quick!, Give me the bag.
DAVID MARTIN(Convinced and emboldened)Before, my son released. It seems unbelievable, Beres, to where you come, you, become the boss of a criminal gang.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Council)We will do something, "Nuñez." Javier Lorenzo, the "Chota", my right hand, which you well know, will go for the suitcase, you will deliver and we, thereupon, will release the boy. If you refuse this, there will be no deal, O.K.?
Okay, Beres, okay. It shall be as you said.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Curious)By the way, "Nuñez, just out of curiosity. What has been your constant companion institution, the Bell?
DAVID MARTINIt has become a filmmaker. He won a competition of short films each year has more level, Alcala de Henares, and the prize money, as I said a few days ago, was thought to go on vacation to the Bahamas.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Funny)Haha! What a damn dog that is done that too! In short, what we want.
DAVID MARTINThat! What we are interested!
FRANCISCO JAVIER, the "Chota" goes where is David Martin. Reaches its height. The tension is tangible in the environment and relieved only by the comment funny and well-meaning of "Chota."
JAVIER LORENZOWhat is it, "Nuñez" guy! It was really have not seen you! What's up?
DAVID MARTINHow low you have fallen, "Chota"! With what I liked!Of course, you always Beres!
DAVID MARTIN delivered the suitcase to "Chota."This, again diligently to where their peers are located. A gesture MAFIA BOSS OF LUIS MORENO serves to let free the boy, who runs to his father. Everything seems to be emerging as agreed by both parties.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Very angry)No way! This lack of money! That damn dog has wanted to laugh at me! This is going to pay dearly!
THE HEAD of the mobsters opened the suitcase and saw its contents. Visibly pissed draws his gun and made two shots that reach the boy, who falls to the ground. Seeing what happened, unexpectedly, two shadows emerge at night from the street Crespo Rascon. FRANCISCO JAVIER Commissioner are Pachon, the "Pachi" and his assistant Jose Ignacio, the "Primo". Here, also began a long sequence of shots. The gang of mobsters, surprised, turns around. The shooting is brief but intense. The aim of the two officers is excellent and manage to shoot down two of the gangsters, who are LORENZO JESUS ​​ANTONIO JAVIER and Labrador. However, LUIS MORENO remake of initial confusion and made white in Jose Ignacio, the "Primo". Finally, FRANCISCO JAVIER, Commissioner LUIS MORENO knocks.BERES, the head of the mafia, with great skill and under cover of darkness, has slipped out of the shooting and, as they fled down the street Crespo Rascon, sees the occupant of a vehicle just to park. When he's out of the car, "Beres" irons and asks what the keys. The HEAD of the mobsters up the car and starts it on the street while Prior has already completed the shooting. The commissioner, FRANCISCO JAVIER Pachon, the "Pachi", has realized too late, the absence of "Beres." Luckily for him, his bloodhound instinct has guided the adjacent street where "Beres" travels now with a borrowed car, preparing to turn into another street. Meanwhile, FRANCISCO JAVIER Commissioner has started to shoot in a vain attempt to get caught. The HEAD of the mobsters is beside himself with joy, happiness and joy, considering the valuable booty which has on its side.
HEAD OF THE MAFIA(Exultant)Haha! I am rich, rich! What I say good! Billionaire!.Now enjoy it as a Maharaja and I'll go to the Bahamas with Bellido. Haha!.
Closing fade to black.

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