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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: The moonlight, by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "the moonlight, by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.
Two servants are preparing the dinner table, when Elena, Countess of Gormaz and MANRIQUE MOTHER, he asked about his son.
MOTHER OF MANRIQUE, DOÑA ELENA(Curious)Where is Manrique? Where is your Lord?
One of the servants answered DOÑA ELENA.
We do not know, Madam. Perhaps it is in the Monastery of the Rock, sitting on the edge of a grave, trying to hear a conversation that could bring the dead. Or under arches of the bridge, watching the stream slips. Or else, leaning on a rock, trying to follow carefully any weather-related phenomenon.
Fade to Black Closing.
Opening fade to black.
Black text on: "About eight hours later ..."
Manrique, son of the Counts of Gormaz, and shortly after a frugal dinner, out into the garden to observe the stars, which feels a fascinating attraction, as compared with precious stones.Lying on the grass and, enraptured, can not avoid talking to himself.
If, as Prior says de la Peña, it is true that these points of light are worlds, I can not even imagine how they will be the beautiful women who inhabit them! Oh, my God! What misfortune! What misfortune! How to be beautiful! How to show your love!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "A couple of hours later ... at midnight ..."
MANRIQUE decide, with extreme secrecy, not anyone see, leaving the palace of her parents and, moved by an irrepressible curiosity, go to inspect the ruins of the famous Convent of the Knights Templar, which is near the Spanish city.
Not detect anything that could draw enough attention, penetrate MANRIQUE resolved in a dark grove, which from the ruined cloister leads to the River Duero.And finally, Manrique, after several hours of boredom, to feel alive again, and uttered a faint cry, a mixture of surprise, fear and joy. At the bottom of the dark avenue, he saw a woman wearing a white robe that hides away in the foliage.
MANRIQUE(Very excited)A woman! An unknown woman! In this place! And at this hour! Is to it! She is the woman I'm looking!
So MANRIQUE, as if possessed by a strange and mysterious force hidden, embarks on a frantic chase, with the aim of catching up with that enigmatic Lady, which has fallen in love instantly.So, instinctively, he began to drop mindless screaming.
MANRIQUE(Elated)It's her! It is she who has wings on his feet and flees like a shadow!
Fade to Black Chained.
Manrique was running for a while, but exhausted, had to stop at a kind of landing, which was illuminated by the clear sky. Leaning on a rock, sits MANRIQUE very despondent.
No! Ah, damn! And yet, I have thought to hear! In truth, I have thought to hear! I have to call to court for that goddess of beauty and beauty!
MANRIQUE rejoins look toward the side opposite that from which it was running. The avenue ends there, the place where he had been to eat, while a small hill rises quickly, without interruption.
MANRIQUE(Hopeful)Perhaps from the top of that small hill can orient myself better, and even to locate my beloved beautiful and mysterious.
Once MANRIQUE up with little difficulty HILL, began to scan in all directions and senses. From this height, one could see clearly both the city of Soria, as much of the river Duero. Suddenly, stare at the river to beat him again MANRIQUE heart with strength and frequency previously unknown to him.
MANRIQUE(Very excited)Yes, yes! There it is! It's her! Is she, indeed!
A boat is aimed at an appreciable rate at the opposite shore, a short distance from the Spanish city. And at that vessel, believed to distinguish the woman who had been prowling above the famous monastery of the Templars, the woman of his dreams. But fell to the harsh reality to realize it would be impossible to attain before it gets into the city.
MANRIQUE(Annoyed)But what I'm thinking! Damn my luck! Not even out the boldest of men, could never come here with her!
However, Manrique was far from giving up on his peculiar and particular game.
But I will not surrender! No way! Before dawn, find out where you live!
Back in the city, MANRIQUE stopped in front of a stone mansion, dark and ancient.
MANRIQUE(Exultant)He thought he saw a ray of light entering through a window of this palace. No doubt this is where my beloved lives unknown! I will wait here till dawn if necessary! That's when you can declare it!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "At dawn ..."
At dawn, Manrique, who had been half asleep leaning against the wall of the house next to that old palace, saw a squire left the front door of that mansion. Immediately MANRIQUE rose and lunged at him.
MANRIQUE(Very excited)Who lives in this house? What do you call it? If not from here, at what has come to Soria? Does husband? Answer! Answer at once! I beg you!
Alonso de VALDECUELLOS ESCUDERO(Very surprised)In this house lives the Right Honourable Lord Valdecuellos Don Alonso, who injured in the war against the Moors, Soria is on recovering from their fatigue and pain.
MANRIQUE(Eager)But what about your daughter? Or your sister? Or his wife? Or whatever? Can you tell me about it!

No woman has with which to comfort him, as a widower, his wife and daughter any father.
MANRIQUE(Surprised)A no! But then, who sleeps in that room where all the night I saw a light burning?
"In the room above? There sleeps my Lord Don Alonso, as I said, to be sick, for that reason has lit his lamp until dawn.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Two months later ..."
Two months after the meeting between MANRIQUE and the squire of Don Alonso de VALDECUELLOS. During that time, the mental state of MANRIQUE had not left to deteriorate. He had not stopped at any time, to think and to ensure the mysterious woman in white, and that fact was completely consumed her nerves. Was back in the garden of her parents, the Counts of Gormaz, and returned to be at night, as he discovered his girlfriend.
MANRIQUE(Feverish and wild-eyed)I've found it! I must find my love as you! I've been too long without seeing it! I've endured too long to enjoy it! Tonight, back on track toward the dark mall where I first saw! Oh, my God! How are your eyes? Sure they are blue like the night sky! And your hair? It sure is loose, floating, dark! And your voice? Sure, it's as smooth as the sound of the wind!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "An hour later ..."
Once MANRIQUE had come to the mall, I look forward to that incomparable woman, dressed in white, who had been haunted again make an appearance. Then, in an instant, Manrique was floating a moment and disappear the white dress of the woman of his dreams.
MANRIQUE(Very excited)It's her! It's her! Hey, pretty lady! Come! I want to know! Do not run!
Completely out of himself and not in his mind, Manrique began to run like a greyhound but suddenly had to stop and, consequently, not well-curb, crashed into the ground. Manrique, then fixed her frightened eyes to the front and a slight nervous tremor took possession of its members and their agitation was growing steadily, nonstop, to the point of becoming a frightening seizure. Finally, he could not take anymore, and burst out laughing sound, shrill and horrible.
MANRIQUE(Outrageous)Haha! Haha!
That beautiful, beautiful woman was not such, had no feminine forms, but it was something white, light and floating. It was a RAYOM DE LUNA, penetrating at intervals through the trees when the wind moved the branches. Because of this unforgivable confusion, Manrique was truly hysterical.
It's a moonbeam! Haha! The woman I was fascinated, amazed, it is a moonbeam! Haha! I'm a bastard! I'm unhappy and I will be forever! Haha!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Several years later ..."
It has been several years MANRIQUE sits in an armchair next to a fireplace gothic Palace of the parents. He remained motionless, and with a vague and restless eyes, similar to that of an idiot.And just pay attention to the caresses of his mother, the Countess of GORMAZ, or the consolations of their servers.
COUNTESS OF GORMAZ(Desperate)Manrique! Manrique! Son, reacts at once! They have been well! Enough is enough! Noi it be that you see everything that I am suffering for you! Why do you eat in solitude? Why do not you find a woman that makes you happy? You're still young and beautiful!
MANRIQUE(Decomposed)Love! Love is a moonbeam!
Why not awake from this slumber, Lord? Do you think if we both wear iron from head to toe and march to war? In the war we find the glory!
Glory! Glory is a moonbeam!
But Escudero gave up and tried a last attempt to make sense into MANRIQUE, but to no avail.
What if you recited a ballad? That's it! The last one he composed the famous Provençal troubadour Arnaldo! Sure I will comfort your sweet melody!
MANRIQUE(Mad)No! No! I want nothing! That is, do want! I want to leave me alone! Yes! Only I want! Cantigas, women, glory, happiness! Everything is a lie!Ghosts are all produced by our imagination! We love him! And we run after them! And all for what?Why? To meet a moonbeam!
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits.

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