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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: The tomb of Sarah.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "THE TOMB OF SARAH."
PETER GRANT, Director of Catering and Decorating Company of Churches, has just arrived Hagarstone, a village located in the middle of the English countryside, particularly west of the country. Getting off a coach that has led him there, his old friend Harry Stone, pastor of the town, and the foreman SOMMERS, presented him with a warm and hearty welcome.
Welcome to Hagarstone, Harry! How was your trip? Look! I'll introduce you! This is Sommers, the foreman of the country better! Or at least that's what I think!
STONE HARRY FOREMAN SOMMERS and shake hands. Then, the first starts talking.
HARRY STONE(Indignant)It's been a long trip, Peter. I do not understand how our governments do nothing to improve communication with this part of the country, the truth! London is not that far!
PETER GRANT(Disappointed)Certainly, Harry, certainly. The politicians we have quite abandoned.
Anyway, Peter, let's what we care about, what do you want from me?
I need to direct the redevelopment of the choir and the chancel of my church, Harry. I'm sure my fellow Sommers and you are going to be a great team. I am knowledgeable of the effectiveness of your techniques, and in addition also the boys of this town will help, as they are willing to work.
HARRY STONE(Excited)Great! I'm looking forward to getting to work! It wasWhile no one was calling me to something!
Well, go inside the church, Harry. So you can see that this is a unique jewel.
PETER GRANT, HARRY STONE and enter the foreman SOMMERS Hagarstone church.
Well, you were right, Peter! The truth is that this church is one that has impressed me since I got into this!
Is the famous Countess of Kenyon. His family was of noble ancestry in the region, but became extinct extirpated centuries ago. Come on, I will show you his grave.
PETER GRANT, HARRY STONE SOMMERS foreman and head for the tomb of the Countess of KENYON.
HARRY STONEGo! How interesting, Peter! But we have to move the grave at least three meters to the south. I know it's a shame, but we must. If not, the work is not feasible.
At that time, the foreman SOMMERS, which until then had not spoken, broke his silence.
FOREMAN SOMMERS(Terrified)No! No way! I refuse! We can not move the grave of your site! If we do, that witch will kill us all!
PETER GRANT(Incredulous)But, boy! That no more than superstition! It's cheap trickery! Stories for children who do not sleep at night!
HARRY STONE(Restless)What! Peter! It is true what this man from a witch!
Nonsense, Harry! It is said by the people that the Countess was a witch and took the form of a female wolf. Then set out to capture children and small animals, taking them to his castle to suck blood. Well, yes it may be true. But the fallacy is not true that nobody could kill her, it was strangled by a crazed farmer who had lost their two children.Believe me, Harry, we must not give the slightest credence to these stories. We will move the grave, period. Understood, Sommers!
Yes, Lord Vicar, but if something goes wrong, then I throw my fault that they had not warned.
HARRY STONE looked up, directing his gaze to the top of the tomb, which was crowned by a magnificent marble figure, corresponding to a beautiful young woman, but provided with a defiant look.The pastor of the town of Hagarstone, PETER GRANT, remained rigid, unchanging, but the same happened with STONE and HARRY FOREMAN SOMMERS, who could not avoid getting to shake from head to toe, to the disturbing and disquietingview of the Statue of Condesa SARAH.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "The next day ..."
Thanks to a system of ropes and pulleys, and with the invaluable collaboration of a half dozen WORKERS, HARRY STONE, PETER GRANT and the foreman SOMMERS, lifted the sheet covering the tomb. However, none of them was sufficiently prepared to receive the pestilent breath of stale and moldy, who escaped from the tomb. A dense fog seized the temple and once deposited the plate on the floor, all corroded by a morbid curiosity, came to see inside the tomb. And all are stunned, horrified, looking at a skeleton adorned with clothes wrinkled and shrunken, with a rope loosely around the neck. It was at that moment, when everyone could verify it was true the legend that circulated about his death. But the horror of those who had dared to uncover the tomb grew to unbearable limits, when there was the sudden transformation of that inert body. Coated meat and bones of the deceased aristocrat eyes opened wide, as if it had always been alive. Frightened, they all present, including the skeptical priest, looked at each other, and only that fact was enough for workers to return to lift the iron pulleys and is re-deposited on the grave.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Several days later ..."
The workers in charge of enlargement of the parish of Hagarstone, continued working for several days under the watchful eye of Pastor. The fog, as it had arisen, disappeared the first day. At one point, PETER GRANT smirked.
They need not worry, folks! In this village we have been victims of mass hysteria. We should not fear because the Countess is dead! I'm sure that if tomorrow we returned to open the tomb, find the same bag of bones that leads into the tomb Centuries. Now I want to come with me. I invite you to sleep in the vestry. It was our first work. It will be important for coexistence. I will not accept no for an answer.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "At six in the morning ..."
That night, HARRY STONE was unable to sleep.Every so often, at that unseasonable cold morning, despite being in a cozy room, he awoke, he was the victim of intense and persistent nightmares.Visibly restless, decided to leave the sacristy, but when they accessed the main part of this massive temple, the heart and blood flowing through it, he froze. A big dog, from the place where was located the tomb of the Countess Sarah, was traveling at that time, the exit of the Church.HARRY STONE, terrified, and her body subjected to continuous shaking, crouched to avoid that big dog could see and pounce on it. However, HARRY STONE could not stop his teeth chattering violently a few times. The DOG, who had come to the door of the church, turned toward the sacristy, into which was HARRY STONE, and showed his sharp teeth, ready to tear everything that is put forward.In a reflex, HARRY he lay down flat on the floor, dead of cold and fear. At least, as a comfort, could be concluded that this beast had not noticed him.Later he made a valiant effort to look ahead, and that is how he could discern, perplexed, the dog, who jumped on the door it was open, and vaporized as a ghost.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "Several hours later ..."
HARRY STONE returned to the room where he had spent the night and barely slept a couple of hours, because the PETER GRANT woke him up to start a new workday.
PETER GRANT(Jokingly)Hey, Harry! What's wrong! That you have pasted the sheets! Vamos! You do not say! I've never been so lazy today!
HARRY STONE opened his eyes, stretched, and then sat down, resting his back against the wall.
HARRY STONE(Annoyed)Go! What time is it, Peter? I'm knackered! I hardly sleep last night!
PETER GRANT continued to show his joking tone.
And what was the cause of your sleepless nights, if I may ask? Is there not been the morbid beauty of the Countess what has influenced you?
In that instant, HARRY STONE came to mind the terrifying vision he had witnessed that night, with the big dog that seemed to have arisen from the very tomb of the Countess SARAH. Then stays pale, and those circumstances were soon enhanced by the clever priest.
But Harry, what's wrong? You have been white as a sheet! As if you had seen a ghost!
The dog! That's it! Tonight I saw a huge dog emerge from the tomb of Countess Sarah! It was as if she had transformed! And then he has thrown against the front door! And it's gone! As if open!
PETER GRANT grimaced in disgust when he heard his friend HARRY STONE.
Vamos! Come on, Harry! You sound like you are raving! Now it will be your mental state is worse than that of those superstitious locals! I've woken up before you. And all I have said that they have slept great! Even the foreman Sommers scary! But since you're so upset, I will tell you that we will now inspect the tomb of the Countess. I'm sure she will made a pile of bones, sleeping the sleep of the righteous.
Fade to Black Chained
Black text on "Later ..."
With everyone involved in the work present in the central part of the Church, and an order of the foreman SOMMERS, workers lifted the pulley, and back to lift the iron from the grave. Then, once the iron deposited next to the grave, all went to it.The COUNTESS SARAH, away from the skeleton represented as the pastor PETER GRANT thought that there was, he looked terribly alive and fresh.Her beauty was evident through a sinuous body and curvy. The lips were stained red eyes healthy and had become worrying, watching the audience intently. In the corner of his mouth, appeared a dark mousse, dry. It was blood. The foreman was quick to react SOMMERS, showing a huge horror and making the sign of the cross, crossing himself.
God! May the Lord deliver us from this witch! We awakened to the curse! Now she will not rest until we are dead! Come on, folks! Let's get out of this accursed place! The more distant we are from here, the more options we have to save our lives.
The foreman SOMMERS, followed by workers diligently went to the front door of the Church. For its part, the pastor PETER GRANT tried to persuade them to not leave the temple, but their efforts were in vain.
PETER GRANT(Very upset)But what they do! They can not leave the church without restoring! It is the house of the Lord and he will punish you for it! Nothing evil can happen!
The foreman SOMMERS, ignoring PETER GRANT, opened the front door of the church and passed on, followed by workers.
You see, Peter! I have not lied! That witch has returned from the world of the dead! But do not worry, I will not abandon you. I know what to do in these cases. Of course, you have to obey my instructions, right?
For the first time, and without a precedent, the incredulous pastor Peter Grant showed signs of believing that the sinister Countess Sarah had returned from the dead to feed on the living.
Okay! Sea! I must admit that this is unusual! And even that evil forces are present in this sacred place, but we are the representatives of good and God is on our side. I doubt that will defeat evil.
Chained fade to black.
Black text on: "Several hours later, into the sunset ..."
The church clock rang at ten in the evening.GRANT PETER STONE HARRY and placed behind the pulpit, kneeling, waiting for the vamp, the COUNTESS SARAH, made its appearance.During the hours before the pastor had given to Harry all that he had asked: A couple of sharp knives, a stick, fresh garlic and wild roses. These were the elements at their disposal in order to immobilize and eliminate the COUNTESS SARAH. At that time, a dense, yet light fog, took over the Church. Nothing else notice this circumstance, the two that were well hidden, joined slightly, and looked to where the grave was located. The plate of the tomb was opened and the imposing figure of the Countess Sarah got up and left the grave, heading for the exit of the temple.When he reached the door, what happened again HARRY STONE had witnessed the huge DOG last night, and the COUNTESS SARAH, like a ghost, had no problems getting through the gate and disappear. So yes, HARRY STONE PETER GRANT felt like he was really scared, then grabbed his arm strength and religious body trembled as if about to explode. Harry looked at it.He was cross themselves, and then raised his hands to heaven in prayer.
My God, Harry! Did you see that? What next?
HARRY STONEWe must wait, Peter. Wait until the Countess back again and enter the tomb, then when we are certain that is lying, he plunged the stake into the heart. But we must try to stay awake. You may not return to the church until shortly before dawn.
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on "Eight hours later ..."
At about six o'clock, HARRY STONE noticed some minor and almost imperceptible steps from the central aisle of the church. His body had become numb from the cold, and had to repeatedly stretch the hands and feet so that they come into heat. For its part, the pastor PETER GRANT had fallen asleep, and Harry had to give him a hard elbow to wake up.The COUNTESS SARAH advanced, as if levitating, to the place where his grave was located. Although he was thin and gaunt, and the pallor of his face was deadly, his eyes shone like a pair of red hot coals, sticking out of the darkness of the Church. Her crimson lips were like a horrible pit produced between withered cheeks. During the early hours of the night, HARRY STONE had left his hiding place to hasten to draw a circle of flowers around the grave, adding also within several heads of garlic. Also, he made another circle on the pulpit, which was large enough for the pastor and he could be placed inside, and deposited in it the necessary tools to carry out the execution of the COUNTESS SARAH, ie, knives and stake. The first rays of sunshine, which showed that it was dawn, filtered from the windows of the Church. The COUNTESS SARAH, visibly upset, had to cover his face and instinctively, added the step to reach the tomb as soon as possible. Flowed from his mouth several drops of blood were scattered down the aisle. A spasm of hatred and diabolical rage crossed his face when he ran into the circle of flowers and garlic. Then, he fixed his eyes on the pulpit and saw his two enemies. GRANT PETER STONE HARRY and emerged from hiding and fighting your fears, moved toward the circle at the stone pavement next to the grave, penetrating inside. For major surprise of the two enemies of the COUNTESS SARAH, it took an unexpected smile loving but deeply demonic. Then a voice called both soft and smooth, inviting, as if weaving a kind of spell, which affected mainly the pastor.
Come to me, come. I will give you dreams and eternal peace. Peter Grant, since I've seen are fascinated by my beauty. I know you harbor a burning desire to possess irrepressible and that your God is with you ungrateful. Now, I know you're dying to have me on that ridiculous altar!
The pastor PETER GRANT, bewitched and seduced by the COUNTESS SARAH, tried to leave the circle, but his friend stopped him HARRY STONE. As a result, their reaction could not be more furious and contradictory. The countess had managed to abduct SARAH PETER GRANT.
PETER GRANT(Restless)Harry, let me go! I have to go! She is calling me! I have to go!
HARRY STONE(With loud and strong)Peter! You are a servant of God! You can not betray! On behalf of all that is sacred! I beg you to resist! You can do it! Do not be overcome by it!
PETER GRANT shuddered and began to remember who she was, hugging HARRY STONE visibly terrified.
PETER GRANT(Confused)Where am I? Who am I?
Very frustrated to see that he had lost control of PETER GRANT, hate factions returned to the COUNTESS SARAH. STONE HARRY with his right hand grabbed the crucifix hanging around his neck and showed it to the frightened COUNTESS SARAH.
Retreat, hell creature! Retreat back to your wicked!Do not hurt anyone else in the world! Your end is near!
Arrgghh! Damn you, Harry Stone! Damn you forever!
The COUNTESS SARAH back, writhing in pain, crossed the circle of flowers, and entered the tomb. At that moment, the sun shone broadly the Church and both knew that the danger had passed.Then, HARRY STONE PETER GRANT and approached the tomb. There lay the COUNTESS SARAH, pinned to his apparent death, but whose features had been slowly relaxing.
And now, Peter Grant, Will you dare to join me in the final act of this mission and help me rid the world of this horror forever?
PETER GRANT(Excited and vehemently)By God! Sure! Tell me what I gotta do, Harry!
Please help me out of the grave! Fear not! You can not make us any harm!
Thus, with undisguised disgust, both proceeded to the task and tended to the COUNTESS SARAH on the stone pavement.
Lee now responsible for this miserable and so finally released from this living hell that is retained in the soil.
PETER GRANT(Respectfully)O our Lord! Let the soul of this servant of yours rest in peace! For the Ages of Ages! Amen!
Finished the prayer, HARRY STONE took the stake, and without a shadow of doubt, sank with all their might on the breast of the creature. And as if it were still alive and kicking writhed convulsively for a while, issuing a chilling screams that filled the whole Church. Then, to the relief of the two performers, they could see a happy smile was etched on the face of the corpse. The lips lost their reddish tone, the fangs shrank, and for a moment, and PETER STONE HARRY GRANT, watched the serene face of the beautiful COUNTESS SARAH.However, your body does it take to again become a dusty bag of bones.
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits.

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