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martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: A walk through Purgatory.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on "A Walk in purgatory."
Afternoon of a day in autumn mountains of Madrid.A group of young people traveling in a van. They are a couple, the typical Chung, NERD and the typical characteristic GORDITO FUNNY. Are well stocked with a complete cargo of spirits to make a bottle in the middle of a grove that only knows GROOM, away from civilization, to give free rein to their desire to have fun. Suddenly, they come to the entrance of an abandoned mansion. The driver, who is the Bridegroom, civil guard, for the vehicle, and all watch in amazement at the immense, desolate mansion.
GROOM / LUIS How strange! I know the mountains like the back of my hand and I swear I'd never seen this house!
CHUNG Wow, guys! Have you seen the house coolest!Come, drive down the provisions and stores!Menudo morbidity that should be given to spend the night here!
BRIDE / MARY It is true, go! It is the ideal place to drink, telling ghost stories and have fun!
Chung gives a boost to NERD and FUNNY GORDITO to get off the truck tents, food and beverages. And, as if they had put all agree, leave the vehicle at a time.
BRIDE / MARY And you noticed! There are olive trees everywhere!We pitch the tents under some of them!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "An hour later .."
The bridegroom is leaning against the van, which is parked near the front door of the mansion, watching through the hole in a window as his bride danced to music from the vehicle, which is at full volume, with Chung. For its part, also leaning against one wall of the room, found the SWOT and GORDITO FUNNY, drinking timidly. Chung goes to NERD and GORDITO FUNNY.
CHUNG Hey, guys, come! Do not be shy!
Chung to see that the GORDITO FUNNY NERD and refuse to join the dance, going after them, take away the drink and pushed a couple of them going to the center of the room where the dancing continued BRIDE. For his part, seeing smiles GROOM such a scene. But suddenly, a ringing in his head, a loud ringing in their ears, change your system gets nervous. And begins to hear a strong, loud voice, but his friends do not realize it because of the music. It is a voice only he hears.
SPIRIT Luis! Luis! Your girlfriend is a whore! Haha! It's going to throw! It's going to fuck if you do nothing! I pass the same with my girlfriend and some friends and I had to kill them all! Haha! All will die here!
GROOM / LUIS (Very upset) Damn! Who are you! Sal, you coward! Leave your hideout and you will face me!
For his part, her boyfriend, Chung, and NERD FUNNY GORDITO hear their cries remain because of the music. But if there is anything that ends rile the GROOM / LUIS is to check how the voice is tormenting him is right. Your Girlfriend / MARY, totally drunk, is dancing a very sensual, swinging, around Chung, NERD and GORDITO FUNNY. The Boyfriend / LUIS, also very drunk, thinks he sees the attacking CHUNG boyfriend / MARY, pulling down her miniskirt and breaking his shirt at a stretch. Then with great skill and ability, he takes off her bra and panties. Finally, the SWOT and GORDITO FUNNY, literally made his mouth water, drooling, begins to touch her breasts. And Chung kneels behind her, kissing her buttocks and legs with delight. However, none of that is true, BOYFRIEND / LUIS is the victim of a hallucination.Enraged, reacts rapidly entering the house and pulling a pistol from his pocket. At that time, the music stops. The CD had previously had exhausted the repertoire of songs. ALL are turned towards the entrance of the house, leaving terrified, wide-eyed when they see the GROOM / LUIS, pointing his weapon.
GROOM / LUIS Motherfuckers! Bastards! I'm gonna kill everyone!And you, bitch, you will not get rid of my revenge!
BRIDE / MARY But what the hell is it, Luis! You're crazy or that!We're just dancing! Beware that gun!
CHUNG Dude, dude, Luis! It's true! Beware that gun! We were just dancing! We had fun, nothing more!
GROOM / LUIS That is, I divertíais! And I want to shoot my girlfriend all the time! Or is it not true!
Then the GROOM / LUIS, hesitated no longer about their intentions and shot against ALL, who fell swoon to the floor. Then, shaking compulsively by what he had done and crying, he put the gun in his mouth and committed suicide.
Fade to Black Closing.
White Cast Opening.
The GROOM / BRIDE LUIS and / MARY, or rather, their souls, walking hand in hand along a path that ends in a bifurcation that gives rise to two new roads. At that site, featured on a mound, a gray-haired man, bearded and crowned with a halo, is talking with Chung, GORDITO FUNNY NERD and that is, their souls, but the couple could not hear what they say because they are still a bit away.This man is nothing more and nothing less than SAN PEDRO. On the path to the left, stuck a sign that appears, written in capital letters, the word HELL. While on the right path, also printed in capital letters, you can read the word HEAVEN. At one point, SAN PEDRO raises his left hand, pointing to the corresponding path. Thus the BOYFRIEND / GIRLFRIEND LUIS and / MARY, observed impacts such as Chung, GORDITO FUNNY NERD and begin to travel along the road on the left.
GROOM Hey, San Pedro! Why send them to hell! They have not done anything wrong! I understand! Not bad!The only blame me!
The Chung, GORDITO FUNNY NERD and look at the couple with great regret and sadness, crestfallen, dejected, intersecting with the look of the couple who is compassionate. After his three hapless friends continue walking. Finally, the GROOM / BRIDE LUIS and / MARY, come down the road. SAN PEDRO ready to talk, but an angel appears to the right and he whispers something in his ear, while given a role.
SAN PEDRO Well, today it seems that you two are the past.How! That the fit is uncovered and can only get one more! My God! What lack of foresight!
ANGEL SAN PEDRO disappears and goes to the couple.
SAN PEDRO Well, welcome to purgatory. Now, let's see ..
SAN PEDRO gets glasses worn around their necks and read the paper.
PETER Well, according to this information as you have seen, just handed me, you, Luis, are accused by God Almighty to be a murderer, and you, Mary those accused of being a whore. The trouble is that right now in hell there is only room for one more.The only solution I see to solve this dilemma is to draw lots who goes first. Do you have a coin?
The Boyfriend / LUIS, while palpating the pockets of his pants looking for a coin, looks expensive SAN PEDRO slaughtered lamb, and Mary seconded.
GROOM / LUIS Yes, San Pedro, I have. But can not God forgive us and you and send us to heaven? We, in essence, we have been good and we love a lot. It is true that I've always been a bit jealous and I do not believe that Mary was to deceive anyone. It was all a mistake, a huge mistake on my part. I did not want to be a murderer and she never intended to be a whore, Truth, Mary?
The GROOM / BRIDE looks LUIS / MARIA seeking their consent.
BRIDE / MARY (Supplicant) Yes, yes, of course, San Pedro, I beg you, please forgive us. And may God forgive us and send us to heaven, please.
SAN PEDRO I'm sorry, believe me I'm really sorry, but you must accept and address what fate has brought you.You know what you should do. Throw the coin. If heads, be you, Luis, who goes to hell. And if tails, then Mary, you will come to you. Well, anyway, that ye believe not much time apart. Tomorrow will be singed Lucifer and a good number of sinners and it is here for you, wandering through purgatory, you must also move towards hell.
The PARTNER, discouraged, waiting to see what awaits them currency. Sale face. Is the GROOM / LUIS chosen to go to hell.
SAN PEDRO Go! He has come face! Courage, Luis, think that after all, hell is not as bad as painted.
And so, from this unfortunate way, it was like GROOM / BRIDE and LUIS / MARIA, his eyes flooded with tears, goodbye.
GROOM / LUIS Goodbye, Mary.
BRIDE / MARY Bye, Luis.
Fade to Black Closing.
End Credits. 

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