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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary script: Robert, a big apple police.

Fade to Black Opening.
Black text on: "Robert, a policeman from the Big Apple."
Filming in Black and White.
Robert is a New York cop who travels in a slow and quiet at one of the city streets next to the famous Fifth Avenue. However, his step is firm and secure. It is very early, six o'clock precisely, and the few passers-by who crosses are ROBERT revelers who have not yet returned to their homes.ROBERT is a cop who fears nothing and nobody, not even death itself. He is forty years and has been sufficiently punished for life. He is a widower, and since his wife died ten years ago, has not returned to have a lasting relationship, as all have been sporadic, and they have not lived up to their expectations. Furthermore, to make matters worse, a year ago was inexcusable and inexplicable error to confuse the innocent with a cruel and ruthless serial murderer. Was then part of the homicide squad and that event was the trigger for your particular descent into hell. He was demoted and suspended without pay indefinitely.After a year, lives of the income accumulated over the years. Now the call from his boss can mean a new beginning.
SCENE 2. Police Commissioner. NEW YORK.INT. DAY.
ROBERT enters the station waving slight inclination of her face all the cops with whom you are. All know him and respect him in the extreme.Spent twenty years practicing his craft and is one of the most experienced and qualified members of the police station. Robert goes to the office of his boss, he has raised, even at dawn, at five, because I had to make an urgent request.Something strange happened this morning.Another of the most senior police is launching a speech to a group of younger officers. ROBERT soon realizes that they are planning a major raid.
CHIEF ROBERT, nervous, is taking small trips back and forth from his office. When Robert enters the office, your boss looks at you and speaks to him very seriously.
CHIEF ROBERTI have to entrust a mission, Robert. I hope for your sake that I did not fail. Should have no illusions. I called him because he had no one available. All the police officers will conduct a major raid against Italian gangsters who landed a few months ago in New York. You have to go to the Bronx and arresting dangerous smugglers. It seems that the shit that tonight we have taken has affected so much that they have kidnapped a family and have called us asking for a ransom of one million dollars. Its mission is to go there and try to reassure them. And I will send reinforcements when we finish with the raids. He accompanied his girlfriend Allison. Hurry, move! He is waiting in the garage!ROBERTUnderstood, boss, do not worry. I've been down time but will abide by the mission as best you can.
SCENE 4. GARAGE. Police Commissioner. NEW YORK. INT. DAY.
ROBERT, after passing the police station, down the elevator to the garage. There, leaning against a pillar, smoking a cigar, is waiting for Allison, his former patrol partner. ALLISON fought that morning, but the boss has called and promised an extra fee to accompany ROBERT. It is a thirty-five years, possesses a great physical attractiveness.And thanks to its beauty, has had several lovers.Unscrupulous men who left planted when most needed. Allison's face lights up when she sees Robert out of the lift.
ALLISONRobert! What's New, old scoundrel! It's amazing! I do not believe what I just said the head of that bastard going to go back to being my shadow!
ROBERT(Pessimistic)I do not think this happens to be exceptional, Allison. I am sure that is my swan song. Then I call back the remainder of life. A year ago my shit was too strong.
ALLISON(Excited)I know, Robert, but I want you to know that for me the fact of being a single hour with you is the best thing that could have happened this year. The new assigned to me I do not like. It is a real hillbilly.
Robert can not help but smile at the sincerity expressed by ALLISON and it does the same. But ROBERT contains bitter smile, while Allie is disinterested.
ALLISONWhat? What I want to say to that, Robert? What?
ROBERTBah, Allison! I think you exaggerate! I'm no better than other police. Well, we, us prove our worth!
ALLISONWhat kind of car we take, Robert? The boss told me to relocate the last of the row that Mercedes E Class
ROBERT seen the car that indicated ALLISON and then pleasantly surprised, the car is so often used in the past both in their long hours on patrol in the city. Finally, opts for the latter.
ROBERTNo! I am not convinced, Allison! I prefer our trap.You know, the number one police department in New York.
Allison nods with a smile and they get into the old Ford that you still love Robert so much. And he you floor the accelerator, quickly leaving the garage.
ALLISON ROBERT and enter the building in which, according to his boss, have withdrawn the drug ring Hispanics. And up to the third floor, where the family held hostage. Upon arrival at the plant suddenly heard gunshots coming from the door that is located at the bottom right, and the two rush fast but silently toward it. However, they are paralyzed when they see that the door is opened violently. The excited voice of a Hispanic is imposed, while pushing a middle-aged man, the father of the family, that shoots the floor hitting the opposite wall of the hallway. The hostage falls to the ground bleeding, a symptom that has been subjected to various tortures.
HISPANIC(Angry)Damn! These cops are a Birdbrain, a fucking güeys! I told them I will call to confirm that they saw the money and have not yet done! This shit is over!My patience is over! And these bourgeoise're going to pay!
Then, immediately afterwards, they heard more shots from inside the apartment. ALLISON, ROBERT more trained you, come before it to the threshold of the door, overcome with rage at what he sees, takes out his gun and starts shooting with uncontrolled fury and unknown to Robert, he can not do anything stop.
ROBERT(Desperate)No, Allison, no! For the love of God! Get thee hence!
But it's too late for Allison, because while he says these petitions, it falls upon the soil for a download merciless.
ROBERT(Grief)Allison, no! Allison! Damn bastards! I will kill you all!
ROBERT looks for a moment into the floor. Both the family and the kidnappers abducted are dead, but I just HISPANO with the Father and ALLISON you are aiming his gun.
HISPANICHey, poly Birdbrain! Do not worry so much! Also end of you! Soon you'll be with your pretty friend!
ROBERT(Indignant)Bastards! You will not kill anyone else!
Both fired at once and reached the crossfire of the two protagonists. But Robert has the best aim and causes a fatal wound to his adversary, while he has only a superficial wound on his right arm.ROBERT, ailing, and unable to hold back the tears as it approaches the body of his companion, in many cases, ALLISON. And get a surprise when he sees her case is difficult to move, breathe and try to talk.
ROBERT(Excited)Allison! You're alive! This is a miracle! A blessed miracle!
ALLISON(Dying, in a feeble voice)Yes, but not for long, Robert. Come, kneel. I want to make a confession.
ROBERT(Hopeful)Yes, of course, do not worry. Sure you're going to recover. Now call a hospital.
ROBERT, such as directed ALLISON, kneels.
ALLISONNo, this is not true, Robert. I do not have much time.
ROBERT ALLISON ignoring, pick up your phone and call the hospital, requesting the presence of an ambulance at the scene and facilitating the location of the building where they are. Then, return to focus on Allison.
ROBERTI have called a hospital. Do not worry, Allison, you'll soon be in a comfortable bed, and this RECOVERING only have been a bad dream.
ALLISONNo, it's too late, Robert. But I have to tell you something important. Ever since I know you've been in love with you. Always, even when living your wife! I wanted to tell someday, but now I'm dying, I can do it alone, leaving nothing outstanding.
ALLISON stop talking and it seems that her fainting and going to be definitive, but Robert, in a desperate attempt to revive the shakes.
ROBERT(Supplicant)Allison! Allison, please! Do not go!AND ALLISON, before the end, made one last question to Robert.ALLISON(Curious)Tell me, Robert. Answer me: You want me? "I've wanted?ROBERT(Weeping)Yes, Allison, of course. I've always loved and I've been in love with you, but I could not betray my wife. Do you understand, right?
ALLISON(Happy)Wow, this really is that good! I never imagined an end like this! Kiss, Robert. Do, please! I feel I ,..., Goodbye, Robert, goodbye! Farewell!ROBERT, very excited, and unable to utter a word, comply with the request of Allison and kisses her passionately. But Allison, at the time expires, dying in the arms of Robert. After a couple of minutes to make it eternal ROBERT, with a deep reflection on your part. Has already decided what they will do and left her sobbing, returning to the calm that has always characterized it.ROBERTThis is the second woman I ever loved and I could not enjoy it and live with the first. But now, much less think there will be a third. I've lived long enough and I know that I will ever love again.Nothing binds me to this life and so I immerse myself in the eternal dream to be reunited with Allison, a dream that I should have come earlier.ROBERT placed his gun to his head and heard a gunshot. Thus, the two, Robert and Allison, travel together into the afterlife, having confessed their love to each other. No one can separate them because they will remain partners, companions for all eternity.Fade to Black Closing.End Credits.

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