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domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

The forgotten legends of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer. Adaptations.

Mid-nineties, the college classroom of the Salesians of Mary Help of Salamanca. Professor of Language and Literature undergraduate charges us conducting work on the Legends of the Spanish romantic writer Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.Initially, most of the class protest, even the server at that time did not have much devotion to the subject. But I could not afford to stay longer, because it was pretty bad at math and chemistry.So buy the book "Rhymes and Legends", Ediciones Cátedra. In particular, we analyzed the teacher wanted the following legends: "The leader of the Red Hands," "The mountain of souls," "Green Eyes", "Ames Perez, the organist," "The Moonbeam" "The Miserere" and "The Kiss" (although there were others like "The Devil's Cross", "The gold bracelet," "The Christ of Calvary," "The Cave of default", "The white deer"etc., to complete the book.) As indicated, the first time I read these legends, I raised much interest. However, there were certain passages in some, like "The mountain of souls", "Maese Perez, the organist," "The Moonbeam" and "The Kiss" that caught my attention. Curiously, at least, as I'm the horror genre as a teenager, I did not like too much and, instead, was more fond of comedies. However, over the years, my tastes were gradually reversed. One cause of this transformation was a Christmas gift, one year, I was a neighbor, (then Director General Anaya).This gift consisted of several books, among which included tales of terror by Edgar Allan Poe. When I read, I was excited, especially "The black cat." It was when I realized that Becquer's legends had a very similar style, so I started the review. Over the years, I became more selective and kept rereading, my favorite being "The mountain of souls" and the "Moonbeam" (both set in the city of Soria), and "The Kiss" ( set in the city of Toledo). I was fascinated to the point, which left my imagination, believed to be envisioning for many nights those tragic and shocking stories. Finally, not long ago, having seen many horror films and revel in, for example, Roger Corman cycle devoted to tales and stories by Edgar Allan Poe and some of the Hammer productions, (such asdedicated to Count and Countess Dracula Elizabeth Bathory), I wondered: What about Becquer's legends? Does anyone, not in Spain but also in the world has noticed them to adapt? For me, the quality is undeniable. So I began to crawl the Internet and checked what I feared. No one had dared to adapt and there are only certain approximations to them in some series and movies of Paul Naschy and Amando de Osorio.Recently, I have been in contact with a director Zaragoza and has asserted that I knew someone who had been interested in making an adaptation of "The mountain of souls." However, we must be very faithful and respectful to the text, both the costumes and the setting or characterization, if not the interpretation of the characters must be as accurate and appropriate as possible. A project (either short, medium or film), a period film requires tread carefully in all its aspects. The same goes for "The Kiss", legend set during the Revolutionary War in Spain and whose protagonists are a foul-mouthed and drunken French soldiers, Napoleonic, and statues of a Castilian nobleman and his wife. In contrast, I've noticed that a legend like "moonlight" could be adapted to the present time, without having to deal with this intention as a sign of disrespect towards it (see the version starring worthy of "Romeo and Juliet") since the last time I read the details I have not seen any specific date.In my opinion, is a timeless story, (ie, could have passed both in antiquity and in the Middle Ages, as at present). I think if I have support for it, you can roll. The budget for production, for example, would be low, since it would require period costumes and just have to find the right locations for recording.The non-transposition of the legends of Becquer is a wasteland, fallow ground, metaphorically speaking, it is necessary to cover. These days I curious about other myths, legends and horror stories genuinely Spanish, with which I was very interested during and after reading.Fortunately, "The land of Alvargonzález" famous legend of Antonio Machado, has a version that I have not seen, but from what I've reported, it is quite worthy. And the myth of the "Santa company" comes up, albeit obliquely, in "The Living Forest" by Jose Luis Cuerda. But not so with the tragic story of Ribadelago, the people of the region of Sanabria Zamora was buried under water due to breaking of the dam called the Tera Vega, in the middle of last century. Yes, the director hand mentioned above, are interested in shooting a film on the subject, (as only television program reporting on "Documentos TV", offered a documentary to mark the fiftieth anniversary of thetragedy). Finally, as I noted in my first article, I think a solution to the shortage of ideas of young American directors would be the making of adaptations of his fellow writers, for example, the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving or Ambrose Bierce. I must confess that there are a couple of stories that I like especially (both protagonists are vampires). The first is "The Fionguala Ethelinda grave" or "The Mystery of Ken", and the second is "The Tomb of Sarah" by FGLoring. Are these two stories that I have decided to move them to dashes. Also, if with some feature in the U.S., is the means and sufficient funding to undertake this type of adjustments that will surely prove very attractive to fans of terror. This would be infinitely better than plagiarize productions of other countries and make second, third, fourth and even fifth parties, (ie, repeated ad nauseum), a success. 

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  1. I totally agree. Becquer's legends would work great on the screen.

    In the meantime, I made him immortal in my work in progress. You can read the first chapters here if interested.