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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary screenplay: The shit the shit your friend and your luck.

Fade to Black Opening.
Title of Black: "The shit shit friend and his luck."
It is the day of the opening of the restaurant chain to a group of businessmen Salamanca, undoubtedly the most powerful of the city, have decided to open, convinced that his luck will make them even wealthier than they are.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Excited) I already said I do not trust! This business is a success! If only the opening we have come so many people imagine that will come later! Hey, look, it has not been the mayor, but there comes the Councillor of Culture!
ENTREPRENEUR II / LUIS (Smiling) Councilman! Vamos! Sort out and people can join us!
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (With arrogance) Male, Ramiro! What! I see you've come! Have you seen what a luxury! Let's make history in this city!Still do not understand how you keep resistiéndote to join us and you insist on opening a seedy bar that only going to last four days!
RAMIRO (Swallowing patiently) Hi Peter. Stop to watch that continually give me that, please. You know that you're not going to convince. I am humble and I like little luxuries. My plan is to open a bar that can give me to live and no one will make me desist. I just came to wish you luck.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO Haha! Come on, do not get mad! Ramiro, dammit!What a joke! I also wish you luck with your new business! Come, come with me to the bar for a drink!
PEDRO RAMIRO and come to the bar, while the Employers Group, continue talking animatedly with the Councillor for Culture. At one point, one of them is offering the Councillor of Culture can promote the new chain of restaurants in exchange for money.
ENTREPRENEUR III / ANTONIO (In a sibilant voice) Hey, Mr. Councilman. My colleagues and I have talked at length about this before you were with us.We would like the City we could advertise everywhere possible, and where not possible. He was going to propose to the Mayor, but since that is not present, I say to you. Of course, if successful, would have no trouble paying it. Think of it as another complement to his salary.
COUNCILMAN CULTURE (Excited) Absolutely! That's done! Count on me for anything!
Closing fade to black.
Fade to Black Opening.
Spend a week from opening, and, as he had predicted Peter, the influx of people into chain restaurant is huge, and business success is total.PEDRO's smile is wide and no room for doubt.The same applies in the five other restaurants run by their business partners.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The Entrepreneur II outlines a broad smile.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The EMPLOYER III outlines a broad smile.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The Entrepreneur IV outlines a broad smile.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The EMPLOYER V smiled broadly.
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The Entrepreneur VI outlines a broad smile.
Fade to Black Closing.
SEQUENCE 8 ----------- RAMIRO BAR. INTERIOR.-------- DAY
Fade to Black Opening.
Meanwhile, in his small but cozy bar, RAMIRO is very upset. Hardly anyone has come into his establishment and only the mood of the cook and the waiter who has hired him out of his depression achieved and make it look up. The chef, who is called Natalia, has been pondering a solution, then, does it know RAMIRO.
THE COOK / NATALIA (Baby) Ramiro, I particularly these skewers "New Fashion Model" as I call them, they ordered me to do, do not convince me. How about if you do and let me make my delicious homemade recipes? Perhaps people would like more.
RAMIRO (Sorry) Do you believe? Look it does not work out as what I proposed, I will be giving a reason for firing her.Okay, fine Natalia, okay. Do what you know, to see if it fixes this mess.
At that time, enters the bar PEDRO.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Triumphant) Hi Ramiro! What are you doing business?
RAMIRO (Hopeful) Well, Peter, it feels good, rather I will regulate. I just hope keep afloat and not being forced to close.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (With ill-concealed indulgence) Oh, Ramiro, Ramiro! Have I noticed that you were going to crash right away! There's still time! Join us! We're doing great! And we will open a new restaurant! If you want, I can convince my colleagues to become his manager.
RAMIRO (Hurt) No way! On top of your offers is my pride!
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO Okay! Okay! You're missing out! Until then, Ramiro!
PEDRO leaves the bar and an instant later, a couple of retirees entering the enclosure. For its part, the cook is giving the waiter his spikes go home for the placing on the bar.
RETIRED I / FAUSTINO (Eager) Waiter! Two lattes! And a spike of this tortilla that looks so appetizing!

The waiter serves coffees and snacks for the two RETIRED tortilla. Five minutes later, the two retirees have given a good account of both.
RETIRED I / FAUSTINO (Retired and looking to STEWARD) Go! The tortilla was delicious! Tell the cook!Congratulate her on our side!
RAMIRO (Hopeful) Do I really liked?
RETIRED II / Tranquilino Of course we liked it! Do not rush! I am sure now that we have here again! Good morning, gentlemen!
Retirees leave the bar, while Ramiro, who is beside himself with joy, he goes immediately from inside the bar and go after hastily NATALIA, the cook.
RAMIRO Natalia! Where are you? You deserve a kiss!
Fade to Black Closing.
SEQUENCE 9 ----------- RAMIRO BAR. INTERIOR.-------- DAY
Fade to Black Opening.
The next morning, retired again to go to the bar RAMIRO, thus fulfilling his promise. Return to take their coffees accompanied by their respective skewers tortilla and, separately, with other two retired van taking the same.
RETIRED IV / SATURNINO (Excited) Go! This tortilla is delicious! I will spread the word in Residence! Am sure we will fill this bar!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
That same morning, first thing, customers PEDRO restaurant, the wait staff do not attend them, leave their establishment. ELISA is directed to the cook.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Very angry) Damn! Damn! What, Elisa! Where are the waiters?
THE COOK / ELISA (Grieving) Peter Lord, I'm sorry. But one of them has called for five minutes to tell me who can not come.Yesterday had dinner because, as you know, have recently formed an association and, unfortunately, the food sat them fatal, was last, and have contracted salmonella.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Angered) No! I did not know! Damn! And what do we do now! It will be several days before they can be reinstated! We will have to find others hastily!
At that time, the phone rings and Pedro goes to him and picks it up.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Resigned) Ah, Louis! It's you! What! Hello, man! What! What the waiters all chain restaurants have gone to work! Damn! What we do now! Can you think of something? ... Hiring foreign trainees and a few days! Well, okay! If there is no choice, that's what we do!
Fade to Black Closing.
Fade to Black Opening.
The lack of skill and expertise of the newly hired for the restaurant chain, takes its toll on customers who are leaving gradually and with the passing of several days, slowly but surely, the empty establishment. But that's not the worse for Peter, who receives the call ENTREPRENEUR II, LUIS, who says that in other restaurants is going well.
Luis! Tell everyone to be here in an hour! That is called an emergency meeting!
Fade to Black Chained.
Black text on: "An hour later."
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Very seriously) Well, gentlemen. And can tell me what to do. This is a disaster! To see if you are able to propose solutions.
ENTREPRENEUR II / LUIS There is something even more serious and grave, Pedro. The representative of the stewards called me and told me that they have accepted an offer from a powerful foreign hotel chain, and that it will not reinstate us.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Incredulous) I'll be playing a joke, Luis!
LUIS starts to turn his head in denial, instinctively and continuous.
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Desperate) Oh, no! No! No! This is a nightmare! You know what! Let's see Ramiro! So at least we will comfort! He really is worse than us!
Closing fade to black.
BAR ----------- SEQUENCE RAMIRO 12.INTERIOR. -------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
EMPLOYERS GROUP enters the bar and surprise RAMIRO is capitalized when they see that the place is crowded RETIRED.
RAMIRO (Happy) Eh, gentlemen! Come over here, were invited for coffee and a spike in tortilla!
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Puzzled) But Ramiro! How have you achieved so much success! I see it and not think so!
RAMIRO (Triumphant) Pedro! Pedro! I can not tell you! It must remain a secret so well guarded as the formula of coca-cola! And not only my business is booming now!Some of these old men are from a nearby residence and not have anyone in the world, to any family! I spent several days with them and have taken me much confidence, so some have decided legarme their heritage. And that's not the best of all, there's more. The director of the House, convinced by them, has come to talk to me and signed a contract to take charge of catering Residence Soon I will be as rich as you! Even I can open another bar! That's it! Before I go on holiday!By the way, what's it going to you business? Still just as well?
BUSINESSMAN I / PEDRO (Nervous) Well! Well! What I say good! Better than ever!
Text on screen:
"And so it was that group of millionaire businessman ended up paying very dearly for their arrogance and greed. So, next month, were forced to close all the restaurants that made the chain. For its part, the honest and devoted RAMIRO back from holiday and humble and would not stop fledgling business succeed. "
Closing fade to black.

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