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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Literary writer: Story of a thousand and one drug.

-------------- ROOM SCENE 1. INTERIOR. .----------- DAY

Opening fade to black.

Title in black: The history of the Arabian drugs.

The action is set in a flat in a middle class family of three members and, specifically, the room only son, Jesus, who just turned sixteen. It's six pm and Jesus takes only ten minutes at home. Have you been to Santiago City Library and picked a book that has just hit him, he has made a deep impression and has not been able to resist the spell of his title. Is a considerable volume of a well-known philosopher, sociologist and Spanish writer Antonio cleavage, General History of Drugs.Before opening it to start reading, reflects aloud.
JESUS(Emotional)How cool! I've never seen a book about drugs that was so huge! I did not even knew it existed!

Jesus, after this statement of amazement, comes to reading.
Closing fade to black.
SCENE 2 -------------- ROOM. INTERIOR. .---------------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
The action takes place in an apartment in another area of ​​the city and, specifically, in the room where four friends are about twenty-five television watching the match rivalry top Spanish league: Real Madrid-Barcelona. It is eight o'clock. All of them are studying the law. At first glance, appear four young normal but each has a secret that under no circumstances, intended to reveal.
The Ronaldo is a kill. It would be great in their time but can not with the boots. Be convinced! It is like a barrel! This year we are going to wipe!
The heroin, which is Barcelona, ​​look sideways to alcohol, which is from Madrid, while speaking. The latter seems resigned and recognized the superiority of the eternal rival.
ALCOHOLIC(Resigned)It is painful to admit but you're right. The age of the galaxy is over. It was nice while it lasted but we must renew the team from top to bottom.
SMOKING(Angry)Shut up, dammit! Beware the comments for the rest!
At that moment, the doorbell rings. No work is by getting up because the party is immersed in moments of maximum tension and interest, minus the cocaine addicts, it seems as if waiting for someone from the start of the meeting. Rose diligently through the entire corridor, and opens the door.
Bride of Cocaine(Very satisfied)Honey! Look, look what I bring you today! The Lucas has behaved like a champ!
It is his girlfriend, who has a special surprise for him to be already the second anniversary of their engagement: It shows an extra dose of planer while hugging him, pouncing on his neck. It was the gift of his favorite camel.
Closing fade to black ..
Title overlay in black: COCAINE.
SCENE 3 -------------- ROOM. INTERIOR. .----------- DAY
Fade to Black Opening.
The couple enters the room of Cocaine and close the door for partners not hear it. His BRIDE, caught in a great state of anxiety, quickly spread the good glass on a table. The Cocaine, seeing everything that is going to get, he rubs his hands as if something wonderful would happen.
Cocaine(Excited)Damn! Damn! Auntie, how cool! This is too much!We're going to spend like dwarves!
The spree Cocaine carefully examined. Is beside himself with joy.
This is better than Benidorm! Do you remember that we gave the Argentine that idiot in Benidorm?It was an unforgettable week! Do you remember, bf?
Bride of Cocaine
Of course, darling! But tonight may be better than any of those!
Both apply to the job wanting to go by and ordering the stripes and then put to aspire. Take five each, and then are given a break. They had spent a week waiting for that night and the adrenaline rush they experience, leads to increased libido in both.Naked and lie down in bed to make love. After the girl falls asleep while her boyfriend is staring at the ceiling of the room. Suddenly, you get an unexpected and brutal and begins to shake the girl until awake. Prompts him to leave in search of more coca in a compelling and screaming.
Cocaine(Very nervous)Get up, stand up now and get me more! I need more! Much more! But I pass the effect and will be back as if he had not taken anything!
Bride of Cocaine(Irritated)But what's wrong! Have you gone mad or what! I do not retry the case or you divulge to the police!You got that or not! I need you to tell me that you have understood!
The Cocaine, a prisoner of a delirium, he has screamed so irrational as his girlfriend, who gets it, visibly upset, get out of bed and get dressed.
Cocaine(Very angry)Go away! Hear me! Go away! And do not come back until I get more cocaine! Come on, out, out, out! Get out of here!
The Cocaine pushes his bride to the hall. In turn, this drives him to it with all his might.
Bride of Cocaine
I'm going! I'm going! But remove your dirty paws off me! I will not return here anymore! These fucked up, dude Very fucking! And thank you not to denounce and abuse!
BRIDE opens and closes the door slamming. The Cocaine makes a move to head for the hallway as you spend a few last words to his Bride.
Fuck you up the ass, asshole! Do not need nobody, nobody! I'm much better alone!
Its transit through the narrow passage becomes progressively more coordinated and, once that is more calm, goes to the lounge to watch the final football game.
Closing fade to black.
SCENE 4 -------------- ROOM. INTERIOR. .----------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
The action takes place in the room of sixteen years, JESUS. This, read the book, with increasing attention. You've read the chapter on cocaine and alcohol is the following. Again to reflect aloud.
Go! This chapter is going to read over! It should be interesting. So will know the origin of all the drinks I've tried so far. It's Saturday and tonight I will leave with a few friends and surely will be shocked because they give a good lesson on the subject.
Said and done, Jesus turns to concentrate on reading the book.
Closing fade to black.
SCENE 5 -------------- ROOM. INTERIOR. .---------------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
The action is again centered in the room where the four friends are watching the football game, the Real Madrid-Barcelona. The meeting is coming to the minute of truth, the decisive, those in which the balance can be tilted to one side or another, since the result is zero to zero. One of them is particularly tense because the result is a huge disappointment it and tries to appease his nerves based vodka drink so indiscriminate.
Chained fade to black.
Title overlay in black: ALCOHOL.
The degree of excitation increases more, if possible, to discover that over the liquid in the bottle. To participate in his irritation to all their colleagues who are crying out to be quiet. Rejoins, as best they can, and wanders down the hall to get to the kitchen.Leave the empty bottle on the table and opens the fridge getting another. Returns to the classroom.No more sitting on your site, Cocaine, very nervous and fast, he unsuccessfully tries to convince you to stop drinking.
Cocaine(Challenger)Quit drinking! We return to vomit on the dinner as you did yesterday!
Shut up! That you shit out your nose!
Is the average junkie that the heated discussion.
Junkie(Furious)Well, silence, silence, dammit! Fuck the bitch! It is possible that in this holy house can not see a game like God intended!
The CSM also involved, aiming to appease it.
Come on! Dao hand and peace and then glory here!
The two protagonists in dispute, the Cocaine and heroin addicts, they shake hands. However, the peace and quiet reign in the living room for a limited time. ALCOHOL, overcome by the tension generated by the discussion and the amount of whiskey he swallowed, start sweating heavily reaching a delirious state which starts screaming nonsense. His companions try in vain to calm.Finally, it goes to the outside balcony and expels all the alcohol he had imprisoned in his body.
Closing fade to black.
SCENE 6 -------------- ROOM. INTERIOR. .----------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
The action gets to focus on Jesus, you are about to read a new chapter of the book, which deals with the snuff. He started smoking in the last year and his fidelity to this service has increased although for one season, some of his best friends of the gang have been initiated in the use of composite joints of all kinds of substances.
Closing fade to black.
-------------- ROOM SCENE 7. INTERIOR. .---------------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
We return to the room where the four friends are watching the football game. The CSM is giving an end to a ducats while watching closely the evolution of football. Watch the packet and visibly pissed realizes that he has smoked the last cigarette he had left.
Chained fade to black.
Title overlay in black: THE SNUFF.
The CSM gets up and goes to one of the drawers of the cabinet which is attached to the wall. Start looking from one corner to another of the same package that was saved snuff. When he did not find it, it opens another drawer which had hitherto been kept several cigars but also fails to find them.Very angry, he turns around and goes to his three comrades.
SMOKING(Angered)Damn! Where is my snuff? I want to know where is my snuff! I demand to know! Bet my head to one of you scumbags, I have hidden.
Cocaine(Defiant)Yes! I done it! I threw it away yesterday! You know why? Because I am sick of having to endure every day that stinky smell.
The CSM, very angry, out of his pocket a very sharp knife, large, and threatens him. ALCOHOL, seeing the dangerous turn that events are taking resolves to intervene and separate power even at the cost of risking their own lives.
Enough, enough! Beware that damn knife! Here, I give my package of snuff!
The CSM reluctantly accepts the package of snuff and back down into place, still looking so killer to Cocaine. The harmony moves back to the classroom. Still, the CSM is clearly upset because there are only four cigarettes the package that has given ALCOHOL. Deeply resigned, accepts the evidence: This is needed to be abstinent until tomorrow morning when you go to the tobacconist.
Closing fade to black.
-------------- ROOM SCENE 8. INTERIOR. .----------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
The action focuses again in JESUS, bored to read, the book is about to leave for another day because, well, you know movidito expect a night with friends and the best thing is to go prepared to be as handsome and presentable as possible in order to enjoy the girls. But ultimately, and carried by a reflex action, decide to go with the book at least five minutes. Solve the time to read the last chapter, regardless of what drug is dedicated.It takes a major shock when reading the title. It is dedicated to the heroine. Wow, he thinks to himself, this drug if it is new! Driven by a morbid curiosity focuses on what is said about it.
Closing fade to black.
---------------- ROOM SCENE 9. INTERIOR. .-------------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
In the lounge of the four friends, the party is about to end. The more timid, quiet and less buff them, takes as a good autism that is, the peak moment of the match to leave the room and lock himself in his room because he is tired of holding the howls of their peers.
Chained fade to black.
Title overlay in black: HEROIN.
--------------- ROOM SCENE 10. INTERIOR. .--------- DAY
In his room, the junkie will feel comfortable. There may be quiet, away from all the tension that has arisen in the classroom among their peers and the highlight of a football game going scoreless. Open the door of a closet. In a drawer of it has hidden an extra dose of horse you have purchased that evening on the street. The camel has been very generous this time for being a regular customer.Prepare the necessary equipment to get into the body their favorite food. Surely tonight is going to be so special that it will be recorded for the rest of his life, he thinks. Visibly anxious about what only a few as he considered a delicacy, does not think twice, and pour almost all the powder into a plastic Mahou mixed with a few bottles of whiskey. Her face is soon transformed to lose color and become cold and pale as marble. Each has a harder time breathing and his tongue is stuck so can not tell their partners of their status. Moments later, he is leaning against the wall, unconscious. Her breath is by pacing at a rapid pace until finally stops as his heart. Has died from an overdose.
--------------- ROOM SCENE 11. INTERIOR. .-------------- DAY
The game ends and the three friends decide to turn off the TV and go to sleep. They are all very tired after a grueling week of exams and also the next day is Sunday, so they can be in bed without getting up early. Leave the room and head to their rooms. By Cocaine, which has been surprised by the sudden shirking his best friend's floor, it occurs to open the door of it, believing that it is asleep, but petrified at the sight that give your eyes. The Cocaine, desperate, give it a couple of slaps to see if we simply had a faint, but to see that this is not what happens to your partner, we take the set, discovered fatally, has ceased to have .Completely out of it, start screaming and sobbing at the magnitude of the tragedy. Rejoins, by grasping the body of his friend and continued screaming.
Cocaine(Incredulous)No way! No way! Comrades! Come! Come! He's dead! He's dead!
The rest goes to the claim of the voices of Cocaine, which releases the body, dropping to the ground. The three remain silent, motionless as statues. After the first few moments of disbelief says, kneel before his dead friend could not believe what has happened. ALCOHOL, still submerged in the paranoia that night has caused the excessive intake of alcohol, begins to frantically shake the body, as if it were a miraculous magic formula to revive the heroin addicts. The other two, after a Herculean effort, manage to separate you from the victim.
ALCOHOLIC(Grief)Nooo! Why! Why! Damn! How can this life be so cruel!
The Cocaine is directed to alcohol, with great regret but visibly excited.
Calm down, please calm down. We can not do anything for him. Come, give me a hug, you'll feel better.
Finally, our three protagonists addictive, melt in a passionate embrace.
Closing fade to black.
--------------- ROOM SCENE 12. INTERIOR. .--------- DAY
Opening fade to black.
Appalled at what the book tells of the heroine that apart from the basics, is a real case of overdose death of a boy his age, Jesus closes the book.Awareness makes an effort to convince himself that the drug is not bad. Think that probably many of the things told in the book are false or that the author wanted to exaggerate what has lived in their own flesh. You have to abstract from all that, no big deal. Drugs are part of the party and he is young and, more importantly, has a lifetime ahead and get old, and that's it. And these thoughts will shine though again let out loud.
Bah! I do not know how I can worry so much for this! For a boy who died from an overdose of heroin! To me that is not going to happen! How much will go out party today, I pillared a good drunk and I have a great time!
Closing fade to black.
--------------- Chupiteria SCENE 13. EXTERIOR. .------- NIGHT
Opening fade to black.
The action moves to the city center of Salamanca, close to some of the most popular bars and clubs of the nightlife, particularly at the entrance to a nightclub frequented. A boy, a teenager, lies stretched out unconscious on the floor. Surrounded by friends and onlookers gradually go swirling before his lifeless body. Apparently, the boy collapsed suddenly and dizzy when he played the last of his group inside the Chupiteria and others and head down the door. FRIENDS had no choice or option to get a local dredges. The unconscious is none other than Jesus, our protagonist, who led by a uncontrollable desire to binge and after a couple of months of alcohol withdrawal has gotten to the body a combination of a dozen shots of absinthe and tequila, the who could not cope. The most bookish of those who are there, they dare to launch a forecast.
I believe that what Jesus has a coma is so strong that only a miracle can save him.
A girl that Jesus was wrapped, he crouches down and begins to make Jesus the mouth to mouth with the aim that, at least if it comes to, you buy time until the arrival of the ambulance. It is another close friend of Jesus who has called for its mobile service nearest hospital emergency room. When the ambulance makes its appearance, nurses rush out of it and ordered the boys with overt movements of their arms, make them the site sufficient to meet the victim. One of the nurses, which is treating you, you realize the extreme seriousness of the situation and once it has taken the pulse of Jesus realizes that there is nothing to do and gives the fatal news, it none of those present want to hear.
I'm sorry, guys. I have no idea exactly what your friend has been drinking, but it sure has been a beast. He's dead. Anyway, think there will be someone who is going to go worse than you for this. Their parents.
CHICA(With voice powerless)Nooo! Nooo! No way! He can not be dead! I loved him! I liked! I had met him tonight and he loved him! It has to be alive! Replace the pulse!
The GIRL NURSE pushes back to the place where Jesus lay inert but both he and his friends try in vain to persuade her that there is nothing to do for Jesus. Meanwhile, two other nurses pick up the corpse and placed on a stretcher. Then, grab it by its ends and lead to the ambulance.
Closing fade to black.

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